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Akij Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

Akij Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

Latest Akij Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2018 Updated

Akij Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2018 with Specifications, Engine CC, Features, User Review, Showrooms & Akij Bike Price in BD. Are you searching latest and update Akij motorcycle price list in Bangladesh? You are staying in right place. You can see easily available all Akij Bikes price list 2018.

In Bangladesh, buying a motorcycle for the first time can be an excellent experience, but can also be a frustrating experience if you don’t know about latest Akij Motorcycle price in Bangladesh updated. Before you buy a new Motorcycle, you should check our price list and generate a good idea about Akij Bike price in BD.

Akij Motorcycle Price Table with Specifications, Engine CC, Feature Reviews, User Reviews and Showroom Details.

Name & Specifications Price Feature User
Akij Samrat 77450Tk Details Details
Akij Durjoy 73500Tk Details Details
Akij Duronto 72500Tk Details Details
Akij Ponkhiraj 63500Tk Details Details
Akij Eagle 49500Tk Details Details
Akij Durdanto 114500Tk Details Details
Akij Durbar 114500Tk Details Details
All Akij Showrooms Details All Motorcycle Price List

I lovingly keep in mind the periods when there were not many high-end motorbikes in Bangladesh. In actual they were to be brought in with a higher quality. As a person, you had to make do with the thin promotions. For the industry was not much beyond Walton, Akij motorcycle, Runner and the Atlas Motorcycle. In addition, those were no coordinate for the big machines seen worldwide. Nevertheless, the periods had to modify. For the motorcycle, makers saw, for a lengthy period, an increase in need for top quality motorbikes.

With so several choices, the bike riding market in Bangladesh is fast increasing. So, prepare for so much and so much more to come. After all, the love for motorbikes has just started.

AKIJ Motors collected a huge experience in transport and vehicle servicing through servicing of our own navy by guide servicing since long. Consequently, we recognized Akij Motors, which is One Stop Automobile Solution to protect most of the vehicle business in Bangladesh. Akij Motors is running with those automobile producers who are producer some of the well-known manufacturers. Akij Motors contains many divisions under its own such as Fabrics, Food & Beverage, Ceramics, Tobacco, Packaging, Printing and Textiles, Consumer products, Pharmaceuticals etc. and a large number of employees give their effort to constant this organization at the top.

At the year 2009, Akij Group compensated 390 thousand Dollars in tax because of this reason they become the most important local taxpayer, adding 2% to Bangladesh entire price range. Akij also provides a service in Medical care, Information technology, and Interaction Technology.  At the vehicle industry, they are also very powerful and Akij motors are also a larger part of this industry. There are many items available from Akij motors from your industry.

Akij Motors’s service center created with innovative technology and it is much digitalized with modernity. Fixing and servicing accessories are also very innovative that is why this organization provides many items at this industry, such as small Tucks, trucks, tempus, private automobiles, special objective automobiles, car decoration items, spare parts, electric motorcycles, and motor servicing.

Akij motors want to focus on power motorbike and electric cars to getting towards at the green world. Electric motorbike and vehicles are very eco-friendly, affordable in price and can be used by all that is why this organization is providing electric motorbikes at a nearby the marketplace. Few of them are now available and this organization leaves a great effect at this industry in near future.

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