Atlas Zongshen Bike

Latest Atlas Zongshen Bike Price in Bangladesh

Atlas Zongshen Bike Price List in BD 2024

Bike NameEngine (CC)MileagePrice in BD
Atlas Zongshen Z One149.5 cc 50 KmplBDT 1,35,000
Atlas Zongshen Z One T149.5 cc 50 KmplBDT 1,35,000
Atlas Zongshen ZS 100-2797.2 cc 70 KmplBDT 1,00,000
Atlas Zongshen ZS 110-56109.2 cc BDT 89,000
Atlas Zongshen ZS 110-72109.2 cc 75 KmplBDT 89,000
Atlas Zongshen ZS125-68124.9 cc 65 KmplBDT 1,20,000
Atlas Zongshen ZS8078 cc 77 KmplBDT 49,000

About Atlas Zongshen Bike

Which is also looking to flourish its production, considers that an increasing middle-class and improving per-capita income will allow it to obtain higher sales.

Atlas Bangladesh has designed a lot in previous years and it is all because of different motorcycle producer companies, which are making titles globally and assisted Bangladesh to glow its name in the globe. And now every motorcycle producer companies is trying for making their motorcycle companies the best so they can contend themselves with the firms of the earth among all those motorcycle companies which are creating, Atlas Bangladesh is one of those motorcycle companies. The then Western Pakistani business owner recognized this motorcycle producer company in 1966 under personal control.

To offer a variety of options, Atlas Honda is improving its production with high-end designs and, in the future, Atlas Honda will present more products to fulfill the customers’ specifications. Due to effective development in per household income of the Bangladeshi middle-class, the local motorbike market is progressively moving towards higher engine potential.

Therefore, we can see the Atlas Bangladesh is an old motorcycle producer company and by the effort of the employees now this year everyone knows about the company.

It was nationalized and placed under the control over Bangladesh Metal & Technological innovation Organization which is known as BSEC in 1972 and changed into a Community Restricted Company later when 49% of its discuss was marketed to public and 51% is maintained with BSEC. Quantity of approved investment of the Atlas Bangladesh is TK.100.00 Crore and Paid-up Capital is TK.23.70 Crore. We can see how much cash they have were able to make cash 1966 to 2012.

Atlas Bangladesh follows some technique of themselves such as The company is looking ahead to exchange the present set up collections with most contemporary and automated ones, which is a great believed indeed. It has strategy to produce motorbike elements gradually through growth of linkage between Atlas Bangladesh Ltd. and other technological innovation sectors in Bangladesh motorcycle market. Therefore, it is really a case of extremely pleased that we are now no less from other countries to buy an excellent, fashionable motorcycle.

Moreover, very thanks to the Atlas Bangladesh Ltd, that they have given us the chance to take out this motorbikes in the streets of Bangladesh. In addition, they have given a little concept to their client that their clients are their primary concern. So if you ever like to buy any fashionable motorbike than you may exposure to Atlas Bangladesh as they have now distribute in all over Bangladesh, people of every area can have them.