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Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Motorcycle Technical Review

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Motorcycle Technical Review

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc Motorcycle Technical Review

Bajaj pulsar is the biggest revolution in the world of the bikes. It’s the heavy bike with good mileage. It’s controlling and pick up both are the good combination of the bike and this bike is not vibrato over hundred and its look is different from others bike I love Bajaj pulsar. Its fisc break working is too good and maintenance of this bike is too cheap. Anyone can buy and maintain this bike its sitting is too comfort both people make sitting very comfortable

This is the nice bike. It is giving good mileage and more comfortable. This bike also has the nice controls. This Bajaj bike is a new model. And the model of the bike very nice. It’s color also very nice and attractive. It has good road grip. The bike is very good for mileage. And the bike appears very nice. The bike tyres had the perfect grip suitable for the all. Why people choose this bike for their best choice please follow the below information.

Engine and ITS Performance

Pulsar 150 from Bajaj is sports quality and best performance the quality motorcycle. Bajaj pulsar 150 is very strongest and good look and strongest bike.  This motorcycle is built up with 149. 01cc.bajaj company uses high-quality 4-strok, DTS-I air cooled, single cylinder engine for pulsar 150. This type of engine gives better service the other than the other model of Bajaj motorcycles. The maximum power of this motorcycle is 15.06-900(ps –RPM) with this kind of max power this motorcycle will give an excellent speed support for the riders. And 12.5 – 6500 (Nm – RPM) max torque which will help to increase the speed of this motorcycle faster as a rider needs for these types of motorcycles.


The Bajaj Motorcycle level of lightning floss is very well designed. This motorcycle length is 2055mm. The width of the pulse is 755 mm and its height is 1170 mm, which is very comfortable for users to ride and control. Ground clearance of 165 mm of poly Server 150 and wheelbase of 1320 mm. The capacity of 150 tons of fuel tank is 15 liters. For the 32-liter reserve and 2 liters of water from the reserve needs to be used. Next to the tunnel, using Bajaj pulsar 150 for 2.75 * 17 “and 100/90 * 17”. One of the important aspects of the electric side, 150 poly Salas has 12 full DC batteries, and 2 pilot lights with 33/35 watts headlamps, this body part separates from 150 to other motorcycles. Carbon weight of 150 petals 150 is not so heavy for use.

Suspension and breaks

This is the top two things in the list of important things for a motorcycle. Suspension and break which is used for this motorcycle is very high quality. On the telescope in front, and abrasive bushes suspension and at 240mm, discs were used to break. Beside, we can see the bike break 130mm drum and adjust the 5 ways. There are suspension nitrox shocks.

Final Word

From the above information, we can see that the lowest sale of our country is for sale seized Bajaj pulsar 150 cc. Motorcycle is suitable for shopping in Bangladesh.

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