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Driving License Fee in BangladeshPlease check Driving License Fee in Bangladesh below:Learners' driving license fee: -(A) 01 (One) Category-345 Tk (Only motorcycle or just light motorbike ie any type of motor vehicle)(B) Category 2 (two) category-518 Tk (motorcycle and light motor vehicles together with a motorcycle with any motor vehicle)Smart Card Driving License Fee: -(A) Professional driving license fee - 1680 Tk (With renewal fee of 05 years)(B) Amateur Driving License Fee - 2542 Tk (With renewal fee of 10 years)Driving license renewal fee: -(A) Professional driving license renewal fee - 15 days after expiry of 1565 Tk;(B) renewal fee for amateur driving licenseBangla....English
Process of Receiving a Driving License in BangladeshProcess of Receiving a Driving License:The prerequisite for a driving license is the Learner's Driver's License. The customer must first apply with the necessary documents for the Learner or Beginner's Driving License. The customer will have to apply to the Circle Office with his permanent address or current address (including the required proofs) of the BRTA circle. The Circle Office Authority will give him a beginner or learner driving license, in which the applicant can receive driving training. After taking the training of 2/3 months, he has to take part in written, oral and field test at the designated center....English