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Ways to Increase the Speed of the MotorcycleMotorcycle lovers have their hobby motorcycle to keep in touch with the soul. As much as he has a relationship with the two-wheeled vehicle. However, due to not caring properly or for various other reasons, the speed of favorites bike keeps decreasing. Almost all bikers have to face this problem.There are many reasons to reduce the mileage of the bike. Notable among these are the type of biker driving and the maintenance method. It is not possible to get a good performance just by buying a bike with new features. This requires proper care. Along with that there are someBangla....English
How to wash your Motorcycle?Washing your motorcycle is not just about keeping your lovely drive looking great. If you do not wash your motorcycle consistently and properly, you’ll risk destructive its looks and its areas. Providing your unclean motorbike a shower, however, doesn’t require more than some primary provides like water, a sponge or cloth, and detergent. Polish up details like the tires and any chrome before you finish, and your motorcycle will soon be switching leads again.Washing TipsMake sure you clean your motorcycle regularly to secure the surface completes, and inspect for damage, wear, and oil or braking mechanism fluid leak.Preparation is MainRemoveBangla....English