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Which bike is best for you according to needs, personality and financial capability?Whenever we think of buying a motorcycle, we have to face many problems to make a decision. Various thoughts come to mind. Like, which bike is good for me, which bike will be profitable to buy, which bike will be less maintenance etc. If we keep a few things in mind while buying a bike, we don't have to think so muchBangla....English
Adjustment method of Drum type brake of MotorcycleBrakes are the most important part of your mechanical vehicle. It plays a big role in saving your life on the road. So taking care of the brakes is one of the routine tasks. Here are expert tips on motorcycle brake maintenance.Drum Type Front Brake Adjustment:1) Apply pressure on the front brake lever to see exactly at what point the brake startsBangla....English
Mistakes that cause body pain while Riding a motorcycleRegular motorcycle riders i.e. bike riders constantly suffer from a serious problem. And that is body pain. Many people suffer from severe pain especially in hands, neck, back or waist. Some don't care, while others take handfuls of painkillers to numb the body pain. Which can also affect the kidneys.But do you know, due to some of your wrong habits and ignorance,Bangla....English
Useful Tips to Save Fuel Cost of Your MotorcycleUsually, motorcycles get about 35-40 mpg. However, by making a few simple improvements to how you drive and take care of your motorcycle, you can considerably boost the mileage of your motorbike. Who would not want to increase the mileage of their vehicle? In addition, reducing how frequently you need to fill up your tank does not hurt either. With that thought,Bangla....English
Major Problem of Motorcycle Mileage Reduced or DroppedThe Bangladeshi have two factors in typical regardless of which section of the nation we are supposed to be to. First, we can drive our motorbikes on the most hostile streets and traffic circumstances found on World, and second is that we are all passionate with the mileage of our motorcycle. Almost all of you would get concerned when you determine theBangla....English