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What is Yamaha’s Unified Brake System (UBS)?Yamaha’s Unified Brake System (UBS) is a front-rear linked braking system. The basics of using the brakes on a motorcycle or scooter is to use both the front and rear brakes at the same time. The Unified Brake System was developed to assist the rider by providing a good balance of brake application. When the rear brake is operated, braking power isBangla....English
Highway Police advice on MotorcyclesA motorcycle is an easily accessible vehicle to go from one place to another quickly. Many people use motorcycles to avoid the trouble of the road and public transport. Be careful while driving this two-wheeler. Some extra precautions need to be taken especially when driving a motorcycle on the highway.If you do not follow the rules and regulations of the motorcycle onBangla....English
Things to know when buying a HelmetUsing a helmet can keep a lot of us safe in an accident. In addition, if the glass of the helmet is taken off, the dust and sand cannot enter the eyes and nose directly. But buy a good quality helmet and enjoy the pleasure of a motorcycle while keeping yourself safe. So it is important to keep in mind a fewBangla....English
Tips of Motorcycle Riding in Bad WeatherThe weather is not always ideal for motorcycle driving. Driving in bad weather provides several difficulties to the biker. We distributed information on this and some safe driving methods on the Appear In existence website in a portion named Driving in Bad Weather. How is important of preparing for bad weather driving and how do you do it? The probability is ifBangla....English
Safety Tips for Motorcycle Journey in EID VacationAs the month of Ramadan approaches its end, a great number of the city dwellers are planning to visit to their village houses to enjoy Eid-ul-Fitr with their family and beloved ones.Some city dweller feels comfortable to go to their sweet home by motorcycle.Motorcycles are fun and energy effective. That is not information to anyone who has ridden one. However, neither isBangla....English
Effective Tips of Motorcycle Riders at NightThe night biker faces a special world. The roads are less populated, the air is chilly, and the quiet is almost noisy. In this environment, the motorcycle becomes more than simple vehicle - it is a life line, a other visitor, escape pod able to take the driver away from the imprisoning smash of the obligations exposed in the light of day.ThisBangla....English
The Way to Prevent Motorcycle AccidentMany people love the freedom and excitement that riding a motorcycle can give you. However, riding a motorcycle is very dangerous if you are not prepared. First, take a motorbike protection course in your area to learn how to drive safety. Next, always be aware of the road conditions and prevent any obstructions. Prevent common driving errors by being attentive to theBangla....English
Have you ever been involved in an accident that left you wondering on technique that would have helped you avoid such a situation? For instance, a particular braking system or communication technology that you might have had. There are a variety of such technologies that work to prevent such misfortunes.The five technologies to prevent motorcycle accidents are;1. Autotalks’ bike-to-vehicle solution: This particular....English