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Dayun Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

Dayun Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh

Latest Dayun Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2018 Updated

Dayun Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2018 with Specifications, Engine CC, Features, User Review, Showrooms & Dayun Bike Price in BD. Are you searching latest and update Dayun motorcycle price list in Bangladesh? You are staying in right place. You can see easily available all Dayun Bikes price list 2018.

In Bangladesh, buying a motorcycle for the first time can be an excellent experience, but can also be a frustrating experience if you don’t know about latest Dayun Motorcycle price in Bangladesh updated. Before you buy a new Motorcycle, you should check our price list and generate a good idea about Dayun Bike price in BD.

Dayun Motorcycle Price Table with Specifications, Engine CC, Feature Reviews, User Reviews and Showroom Details.

Name & Specifications CC Price Feature User
Dayun Sprout 100 92900Tk Details Details
Dayun DY100-A 100 84900Tk Details Details
Dayun Plight 110 110 90900Tk Details Details
Dayun Roebuck 125 114900Tk Details Details
Dayun Deviser 125 98900Tk Details Details
Dayun Defender 150 127000Tk Details Details
Dayun Panzer 150 149900Tk Details Details
Dayun DY 150-6 150 150000Tk Details Details
All Dayun Showrooms Details All Motorcycle Price List

In Bangladesh, the momentous growth of the motorbike industry has mostly been motivated by eye-catching financial rewards that have led to a major loss of the prices of the two-wheelers.

Motorcycle is a need for adults and for most of the young inhabitants, it is a style declaration. Motorcycle manufacturers are putting their best initiatives to provide every need of a motorbike fanatic and common customer. Every motorbike is symbolic of a character of the customer and hence market tries to assist different types of requirements of the motorcycle fans.

Chengdu Dayun Automotive Group Co. Ltd., frequently recognized as Dayun Light Truck, is light truck producer based in Chengdu, Sichuan, Chinese suppliers, and a department of Dayun group. Light trucks are created under the Dayun brand.

Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd., known as Dayun Motor, is a large vehicle producer situated in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. It was established in 2004 as part of the Dayun group. They are able to develop up to 50,000 vehicles a season. Trucks are designed under the Dayun product.

Dayun Motorbike can produce items designed to your marketplace needs. Currently our collection has more than 40 designs and 200 kinds of motorbikes and engine for your choice.

Dayun Automobile supply to customers in European country, the Middle Eastern, South Asia, North, and South the United States and African-American. In addition, since all automobiles are required to have the E-mark brand to get in EU Countries, they make sure that our motorbikes and engine are certified. To obtain this, we invested more than $2 million in test equipment from Asia and Malaysia. Last year, we invested $850,000 on new laser artists, variety analyzers, framework dynamometer and gas fatigue analyzers.

Dayun Electric powered scooters are one of the best known electric motorbikes or scooters currently available. Electric automobiles are 99% less damaging than the greenest non-renewable fuel powered equivalent EPA Environmental Protection Agency.

At Guangzhou Dayun Motorbike, we see to it that they meet your quantity requirements. Dayun Motorbike 400,000-square-meter manufacturer is manned by 2,000 employees and built with four-motorcycle set up collections, two engine manufacturing collections, two motorcycle packaging collections and five color treating collections. These enable them to guarantee you a yearly manufacture of more than 700,000 motorbikes and 500,000 engines.

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