Government Has Allowed 165CC Motorcycles to Import in Bangladesh

Government Has Allowed 165CC Motorcycles to Import in Bangladesh

Government Has Allowed 165CC Motorcycles to Import in Bangladesh

It is really good news for Bangladeshi young bike riders. The Bangladesh government published a gazette on 12th July 2017. Government declared that, now 165cc motorcycles is allowed in Bangladesh.

On 15th May 2016, Bangladesh Motorcycle Assemblers and Manufacturers Association (BMAMA) President Mr. Motiur Rahman sent an application to the Bangladesh Commerce Ministry to get authorization to import and sell motorbikes up to 165CC and spare parts for them.

The application was submitted to raise the government’s existing motorbike import policy from 150CC to 165CC was made to expand the country’s reducing motorbike market and deal with the consumer requirements.

The letter was also outlined that the government has been losing a lot of revenue due to this import limitation.

In response to that application, recently the Commerce ministry reviewed the Bangladesh Import law 2015-2018 and gadget release on this matter. Now it is totally legal to import 165cc bikes in Bangladesh that was limited with the 150cc.

The situation of the upper limit on cc that refers to the size of the motorcycle’s engine in cubic centimeters, though, will not be appropriate for the police department, the order said. The ministry took the resolution after the BMAMA made a request to the government seeking authorization to import and sell motorcycles and spare parts of up to 165cc at variance that the bazaar has the demand for advanced engine-capacity motorcycles.

According to the BMAMA, imported vehicles up to 86% dominate the country’s bike market while the remaining 14% comes from local producers Runner and Walton.

The Bangladesh government, though, had originally rejected the request following a protest from the Bangladesh police department over security issues. In its estimation, the Police Headquarters said that import of higher settings motorbike would improve street injuries as local riders did not want to wear headgear and criminal actions might improve due to the use of such motorbikes.

On 21th September 2016, the Police Headquarters sent its objection to raising the limit to 165CC stating that importing higher configuration motorcycles will create problems.

Nevertheless, fortunately it is good news that the government did not accept their claims. Motorcycle lovers are greeting the government for this decision.

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