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KeeWay, Benelli Motorcycle Importer in Bangladesh

Benelli Motorcycle Importer in Bangladesh

KeeWay, Benelli Motorcycle Importer in Bangladesh

About Speedoz Ltd: Speedoz Ltd is Bangladeshi importer of world top two motorcycles giant Keeway and Benelli. Speedoz was recognized as an only supplier of MEGELLI motorbikes in Bangladesh in Nov 2009. With a perspective to cause in the market, speedoz Ltd was recognized by three entrepreneurs; among them, two have over two years company encounter in two wheelers and vehicles market in the year 2010.

Speedoz Ltd’s importer brand Keeway is a product that began out life back in 1999 in Hungary, their primary dream was to be a local leader in the scooters section. Nevertheless, over time by Keeway has become an international brand in the world, whose actions are existence in near about 80 countries with not only scooters but also with top rated motorcycles. In Bangladesh Keeway is a part of side with Speedoz Ltd to take high quality motorbikes for the bikers of Bangladesh.

With designs that set styles in the bike industry Benelli assisting in the growth of styles and technological innovation. As from 2015, all of their styles and new technological innovation suggestions come from the arms of the new model and group in Benelli and Keeway.

Speedoz has made their set up place in Bogra and they are revealing that if all factors go well they will go into complete production within 2-3 years in their Bogra place with assistance with Keeway motorbikes.

The Vision of Speedoz Ltd

Speedoz Ltd has own vision to lead Bangladesh motorbike industry that is- To give a new dimension in motorbike industry by providing new technological innovation motorcycle and be the industry leader.

The Mission of Speedoz Ltd

As their vision, they have one special mission in Bangladesh. That is- Speedoz Ltd meet desire through the experience of riding with a beneficial mind-set of thoughts which causing in a win- win situation.

At this time Speedoz Ltd are brining 4 models from Keeway brand, 3 street motorcycles with one off roader but they guaranteed that later on they will try to carry motorbike and top quality activities motorcycle for the streets of Bangladesh.

Speedoz Ltd
Holding#60, New Airport Road, Amtoli, Mohakhali, Dhaka
Mobile No: +880-1847082777, +880-1990400644
Email: armanrock00@gmail.com
Imported Brands: KeeWay, Benelli

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