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Regal Raptor Stellar Motorcycle Technical Review

Regal Raptor Stellar Motorcycle Technical Review

Regal Raptor Stellar Motorcycle Technical Review

The Regal Raptor company has manufactured some extraordinary cruiser types motorbike and the Regal Raptor Stellar is now another collection of Regal motor company. It’s a very highly designed motorcycle that looking very good. Ant this is one of the most expensive cruiser type bikes. This is a very stylish and smart looking cruiser and it has ability to attract people easily. And this Regal Raptor Stellar has made a similar type design and engine technology likes others cruisers of this Regal Raptor.

Engine and ITS Performance

The Regal Raptor Stellar provide a 4 stroke water cooled inside balance shaft type engine and the engine quality quite good for the rider. And  its powered by 150cc powerful engine that  gives a racing minded feelings the rider. Its highly rated 10500 is the most important think of this motorcycle and power and this engine has included a 18 bhp maximum power and 6500 rpm maximum torque that will help increase power to this engine. Not only that This Regal Raptor Stellar also has taken a very important NGK Platinum Alloy Spark Plugs and Clutch system in this engine is a multi disc wet clutch that makes this engine more stronger.


The Regal Raptor Stellar has made a similar type body dimension likes other cruisers of Regal Raptor.  This motorcycle also has made a very long sized body that looking very good.  And the  body length of this motorcycle is 2335mm, width is 965 mm and height of this motorcycle quite good 1100 mm that’s why it’s looking very long.  The kerb weight of this motorcycle is 170 KG  that gives a really good feelings. It has a long sized fuel tank that can take up to 14 liters of fuel that really effective for this motorcycle. The Regal Raptor Stellar cruisers HID type headlamp and two LED type Tail and Turn lamp are really helped people to watch everything in the darkness and its very useful for the biker. It has taken a widest type rear 160/80-16 tire and a slim 90/90-21 sized front tire that’s are very good for this motorcycle.

Suspension and Brakes

The Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers suspension system has made this motorcycle and this is very  high quality riches and gives the support this motorcycle to stay long lasting. And the motorcycles front double disc brakes and a rear Disc brakes gives batter control for biker who ride this motorcycle in any street. And I think this high quality riches suspension and braking system will very effective for cruiser lovers.

Final Word

So the Regal Raptor Stellar motorcycle is one of the most beautiful cruisers of Regal group and it has made some wonderful technology that makes this motorcycle more stronger. And this motorcycle also very expensive and I think this also one of this most successful cruisers of Regal Raptor company.

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