Atlas Zongshen Z One Motorcycle Features Review

Atlas was Established in 1966 under private entrepreneurship. Nationalized and placed under the management of Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC) in 1972 after Liberation of Bangladesh. Reconstituted as a Public Limited Company in 1987 under Govt.’s Industrial Policy.

The Atlas Zongshen Z One Motorcycle has brought his body designed very smartly. Its looking very gorgeous and stylish. Its not a very big body types bike, this is a medium size motorcycle. this motorcycle comes with smooth design and color combination. Atlas is not much popular bikes in Bangladesh but this Atlas Zongshen Z One Motorcycles design will impress any people of Bangladesh.

This Atlas Zongshen Z One Motorcycle has gotten a good engine quality. It comes with a Single Cylinder OHC and Air cooled 149.5cc strong engine. that is good enough for any medium type of motorcycle. this bike included more features of this engine that is 9.0 KW @ 8500 rpm maximum power and 12 KW @ 5500 rpm maximum torque of this motorcycle.

Atlas Zongshen Z One Motorcycle has gotten good speed. this motorcycle allowed to go for 120 kilometers per hour. I think this is very good speed quality of any medium type motorcycle.

Fuel Tank
Not very big fuel tank this is but this is good enough for loading big numbers of fuel liter. This fuel tank can accept fuel on this tank in 18 liters. I think this is bigger than the others medium type motorcycle. and you can easily go about 700+ kilometer on this fully loaded tank.

Wow this is great to see that this Atlas Zongshen Z One has gotten a powerful battery that will help your motorcycles electrical equipment. And motorcycles battery is supplies power in motorcycles headlamp and others electrical appliance.

Every biker wants to have his bikes a blazing headlights by which he can drive his bike in the dark without any difficulty. This motorcycle will give you a wonderful and brightness 12 Volt and 35-35 Watts headlamp. That will help you to watch everything in the darkness.

The seat of this motorcycle is designed to be a bit like the waves of the sea. Its looking very smart and comfortable to seating.

This motorcycle comes with great suspension system that is front Telescopic Upside Down and rear Twin-Spring loaded suspension system. That suspension system makes this bike stronger.

Now I want to talk about some quality control braking system. This Atlas Zongshen Z One motorcycle comes with a strong front Disc brake and a Rear Drum brake. I am sure this two strong quality brakes will protect you and your motorcycle.

Tires and Wheels
Now I want to talk about another protector of motorcycle that two are motorcycles Tires and Wheels. This motorcycle has gotten a front 90/90-17 Tire and rear 110/80-17-inch Tire. This motorcycle also comes with a front Alloy and rear Alloy Wheels.

At The End
So after knowing about this Atlas Zongshen Z One motorcycle you should understand that the motorcycle is really smart and impressive and also well featured motorcycle. And I think you really love this motorcycles to ride.