Dayun Defender Motorcycle Features Review

The Dayun Group is a Chinese conglomerate based in Yuncheng, Shanxi, China. Through its subsidiaries, it manufactures heavy trucks, light trucks, motorcycles and engines, and is involved in real estate and travel.

The Dayun Defender motorcycle is made a medium quality design that’s look like a simple motorcycle. But also this motorcycle will give you feeling that the motorcycle is well designed. This motorcycles body color is good and very smooth and the fuel tank design tire and seat of this motorcycles has well sated. If you searching for a simple and medium quality designed bike than this motorcycle is perfect for you.

The Dayun Defender gives single cylinder and 148cc strong engine. This bike look like medium quality but this motorcycles engine quality is really impressive. This motorcycle also offers you for to 110 kilometer of Top speed that will be really interesting for you. You also happy to know about his mileage this Dayun defender motorcycle is allowed to go for 50 kilometer per liter that is enough mileage quality of any medium type bikes. This motorcycle also has max power 8.5 @ 7500 rpm and max torque of this motorcycle is 11.5 @ 6000 rpm.

Fuel Tank
For your enjoyable motorcycle journey fuel tank is one of the most important fact of motorcycle. And this Dayun Defender motorcycle will give you 13 liters of fuel capacity. So you can easily go 600+ kilometer of this 13 liters’ fuel.

The Dayun Defender motorcycle comes with a 12 volt and 7 Ah Battery that is well supporter of your motorcycles. And it will be help your motorcycles light and others electrical instrument. And I think you should happy with this 12 volt battery of this motorcycle.

At the mid night when you ride this motorcycle than you need light for watch everything on the road. The Dayun Defender motorcycle will give the light that motorcycles headlamp is 12 volts and 35/35 watts. This motorcycle also has Tail lamp that is 12 volts and 2/0.5 watts.

This motorcycles seat probably made for 2 persons.  And this motorcycles seat is not solid looking. Its front set is straight but the back seat is a bit taller. But this seat also looking good and comfortable to seating.

Although this is medium quality bikes but this motorcycles suspension is well made. The front suspension of this motorcycle is Telescopic and Rear suspension is Mechanical spring that makes your bike stronger.

This Dayun Defender motorcycle comes with strong brakes quality. This motorcycles have a front Disc brake and Rear Drum brake. That two brakes are like protector for you and your motorcycle.

Tires and Wheels
Tire and Wheel is one of the most important part of any motorcycle. And this Dayun Defender also has strong Tires by which you can go easily anywhere in city to urban. This motorcycles tire size is front 100/80-17 and Rear 130/70-17 so you should understand that this tire is medium type. And Wheels of this motorcycle has both of these front and rear Alloy 17 inch wheels.

At The End
So at last after knowing about this motorcycle I think you should understand that this motorcycle is good for these people who likes medium quality and simple motorcycle. If you can buy this motorcycle you will be happy to use this motorcycle.