Suzuki Gixxer SF Motorcycle Technical Review

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is a wonderful designed sports bike that has made a very big sized body that’s looking very good and stylish. This motorcycle has made a very big plastic shaped in its body that has located from its head to under the body that is amazing to see. Also it has a well designed little higher type fuel tank stylish designed headlamp and differently designed seat that’s are truly really great. Rear side of this bike is little bit higher especially rear seat is too high and it has a big gap between the seat and rear tires. A special chain and the chain cover will attract every people and its truly very good to watch. Two strong and almost widest type tires has available for this wonderful bike that also looking good. A very important part of this bike is its technology the Suzuki Gixxer SF has taken some strong technical elements in its body that’s truly amazing. Now I am going to tell you about technical part of this motorcycle.

Engine and ITS Performance
The Suzuki Gixxer SF sports bike has taken a really useful 4 stroke, single cylinder and Air cooled  type engine with a very powerful 154.9cc engine that is too good in the context of Bangladesh and it’s great for sports bike lover people. The Suzuki Gixxer SF also has gotten maximum power 14.6 bhp @ 8000 rpm and important maximum torque of this motorcycle is 14 nm @ 6000 rpm that’s will help this powerful engine to increase some power. This engine has accepted a strong 127 kilometer per hour of speed with 47 kilometers per liter of mileage. This sports bike picked up a very strong and high quality riches 5 gears that’s truly amazing. This motorcycle also included a 20w50 oil grade that also very useful for engine.

This Suzuki Gixxer SF is a very big body sized motorcycle and it has made a very higher and big sized fuel tank that’s looking very gorgeous. The body length of this bike is 2050 mm. width is 785 mm and height is 1085 mm that’s really big. This motorcycle has made a higher type big sized fuel tank and this tank can take up to 12 liters of fuel. The body weight of this bike is 139 KG, wheel base is 1330 mm and ground clearance is 160 mm. two very strong  tires has available for this motorcycle and the tires size is a front  100/80-17 Tubeless and rear 140/60R-17 Tubeless tires. Headlamp of this bike is amazing it has made a 12 volt and 35/35watts headlamp that’s truly very brighter and useful too.

Suspension and Brakes
Suspension system is good in this Suzuki Gixxer SF motorcycle. It has taken a front Telescopic and rear Mono suspension with 7 step adjustable suspension  that’s very strong and very effective for this bike. Two strong brakes has available in this motorcycle. A front Disc and a rear Drum braking system has available for this bike for batter controlling.

Final Word
The Suzuki Gixxer SF is one of the most expensive motorcycle that has made a wonderful designed big body that’s truly amazing to see. And this is the best bike. Not only it’s a well designed big sized sports bike but also it has taken some wonderful features that makes this motorcycle more stronger than the others bike of Suzuki group.