Suzuki Slingshot Plus VS Honda CB Shine Compare Review

History About Suzuki and Honda motorcycle
It has been long time ago when two motorcycle company was started their journey to be a motorcycle brand and both of them are the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan. 1st brand is Suzuki motorcycle who started manufacturing motorcycles in 1952.the first models being motorized bicycles From 1955 to 1976.The company manufactured motorcycles with two-stroke engines only, the biggest two-stroke model being the water-cooled triple-cylinder GT750.

And the 2nd brand is Honda it has been since started manufacturing motorcycle in 1955. At its peak in 1982, Honda manufactured almost three million motorcycles annually. By 2006 this figure had reduced to around 550,000 but was still higher than its three domestic competitors.

Suzuki Slingshot Plus VS Honda CB Shine
Suzuki and Honda are two popular motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. And now I want to introduce you two versions of these two motorcycles brand and that is Suzuki Slingshot Plus and Honda CB Shine. Suzuki Slingshot Plus and Honda CB Shine motorcycle has brought almost similar designs in the market. These two are very stylish and strong motorcycle which will easily grab your attention. The Suzuki Slingshot plus comes with 124cc engine and Honda CB Shine comes with a strong 125cc engine i think that will impressed you to buy these two motorcycle.

Both of these two motorcycles have air cooled 4 stroke and single cylinder. Suzuki Slingshot Plus and Honda CB Shine both of them are picks almost nearest cubic centimeters of engine the Suzuki Slingshot Plus have 124cc and the other side Honda CB Shine comes with a strong 125cc engine. Suzuki Slingshot Plus also have wonderful air cooled cooling system, 20w50 oil grade, 8.5 bhp @ 7500 rpm Max Power 10 Nm @ 3500 rpm Max Torque, Self and Kick Startup system and wet type multi plate clutch. And the other hand Honda CB Shine motorcycle have 10bhp @7500rpm Max Power, 11nm @ 5500rpm Max Torque, 100 km/h Top speed, air cooled cooling system,  Kick and Electric startup system, Digital CDI Ignition, 20w50 oil grade and wet multi plate clutch.

Gear is a most important part of a motorcycle and both of these bike has gotten very useful Gears. The Suzuki Slingshot Plus will give 5 gears and it will be very helpful to you for your bike riding. And Honda CB Shine also have 4 Gears for your comfortable motorcycle journey.

I think you will definitely want to know that how much Mileage will have these two motorcycle. The  Suzuki Slingshot Plus are allowed to go for 60 Km per liter and Honda CB Shine are allowed to go for 65 km per liter this will be enough for any kind of road.

Suzuki Slingshot Plus Motorcycles Body Dimension is 2035mm Length 770 mm Width and 1100 mm Height. And Kerb Weight of this bike 128 KG. also Fuel Tank Capacity of this bike is 12 Liter (Fuel Measure converter). And the other side Honda CB Shine motorcycles body dimension has gotten 2014 Length, 762 Width and 1071 Height. Kerb Weight of this bike 121 KG and Fuel Tank Capacity is 11 Liter.

Brakes and Tyres
Suzuki Slingshot Plus have Drum front brake and Drum rear brake. Other side Honda CB Shine have Disc front brake and Drum rear brake. Tyre length of the Suzuki Slingshot Plus Front 2.75 – 18 42p and Rear 3.00 – 18 52p. and Honda CB shine bikes Tyre length is 80.100 -18 47p Front and 80.100 – 18 54p Rear.