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Welcome to the Motorcycle User Review Page. Here you will be able to read motorcycle reviews given by Bangladeshi real motorcycle owners that share their riding experiences they have had with their own beloved motorcycle. MotorcycleBD.com allows you as a motorcycle owner to gather information on a specific your bike, or submit your own review on your favorite motorcycle. Please keep your review fair and honest.

Motorcycle ownership reviews are a key source of info for motorcycle buyers, given that first-hand knowledge of just how a motorcycle performs on a day to day basis.

Add your voice and help others by letting everyone know exactly how your car performs. From how the car handles to whether or not you think it’s really value for money, we want to hear your opinions.

Add your review and help others allowing everyone know exactly how your motorcycle works. From how the motorcycle rides to whether or not you think it’s really affordability, we want to listen to your thinking.

We recommend at least 500 words. When you writing your review, consider the following things:

  • What is your favorite motorcycle?

  • What are the motorcycle’s pros and cons features? Would you recommend this motorcycle to a friend?

  • How well is it built? If it is ever split up or a part failed. What was the problem?

  • How much do you pay for maintenance each year on average? Are any of the important expenses particularly high or low?

  • When is the motorcycle at its best? Is it a reasonable all-round motorcycle? How lengthy go before requiring a break?

  • What do you like (or dislike) about the engine’s efficiency or energy delivery?

  • What is your favorite function of the motorcycle as standard? Any components you’d suggest (or avoid) such as good/bad tire choices?

  • Did you buy independently or from a dealer? What was the promoted cost and what did you pay?

  • We need this in situation we need to get in touch with you about the content of your review. It will not appear as part of your review.


  • Write minimum 500 words about your riding experience

  • Take at least 1 photo of you and your motorcycle with high quality

  • All photos must needed enough lighting good looking and genuine face

NB: I think you are in the good habit of writing English that’s great. But if you are not in the good of writing English, don’t heist please. We will edit your write up on the basis of your given ideas about your motorcycle experience.

Most significantly, try to make your review informative and fun!

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