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Yamaha Fazer 150 Motorcycle Technical Review

Yamaha Fazer 150 Motorcycle Technical Review

Yamaha Fazer 150 Motorcycle Technical Review

Yamaha at FAZER 150 is good and this stylish bike is among the young people of this generation. Engine power 150 cc is good and strong. The fuel cost of this bike is good and mileage is up to 48 liters per liter. The bike is just good in the dual and the bike is very good on the street. Handling and controlling the bike is good and easy and it has good reliability. It has a single cylinder and the bike has a good pickup on the highway in a few seconds.

Yamaha is a trustworthy brand forever: In the heat of the strong competition generated by the introduction of superior bikes, Yamaha Motors is determined to launch the upgrade version of FAZER with the power of the 150-kilometer engine. It is seen as a strategic step for Yamaha Motors because the Bajaj is already ready to launch the fastest bike, the 220 to the Kawasaki Ninja 150R from Pulsar220. While Yamaha continues with the successful launch of the FZ series and the 14th, it will leave no stone to build this new bike, FAZER 150cc is the most successful one in its category. This bike appears to be waiting for a few more minutes to see the Indian road kissing. Yamaha Fazer-150cc has already been sold in the international market. It’s a versatile bike that can be cut across the busy city traffic.

Engine Quality: Yamaha FAZER the best power output from the 153cc motor is the same or less the same. 153cc, air conductor, 4 strokes, SOHC engine produces maximum power 1400 MPP 7500 RPM and generates the maximum torque of 14 Nm 6000 RPM. This bike 153cc engine is designed for urban travel. Some auto-entrepreneurs are willing to have a big power engine so that they can compete with Pulsar-180 or Apache RTR-180cc.

Design and Comfort:  In front of now the wind blast comes with a biodegradable forehead to keep in the air when the position of the races is revised for long hours and long distance trips. It comes with special anti-cheat seat leather. It’s got a new pair title that is similar to Yamaha FAZER worldwide. It’s a masterpiece carved with Yamaha Tech. Yamaha has kept no character perfect for final perfection and even little features have not been taken for granted. Each part of Yamaha FAZER 150cc is designed with much attention and careful thinking. The most striking feature of this bike is its large body, wide tires, huge tanks and thick ones. When looking at the side, it seems like a well-built run ready for the run. Speedometers, tachometers, trip meters, yell gauges and other indicators are in the proper position to keep the area of ​​the scene clean. In addition to front fairing and larger tires, the new Yamaha FAZER 150cc looks exactly the same as FZ16 and FZ-S.

Ride and handling: Like FZ16 and FZ-S has succeeded in monotonous suspension for ensuring smooth running functionality and handling. Broad tires, low gravity at low rpm and a high torque center make city traffic a breeze. Mid hope Muffler in the middle of the machine provides a good density of mass, extraction efficiency and handling. The phase has a “140 / 60-17” size linear radial tire with 60% ratio and contributes to good pop, handling and stability. Bio don mental forehead and mask protects the highway from the blast of highway wind and transports stability and cavalry in long distances. The new design mirrors do not just show trends but adds security to the better rear view.

Yamaha FFAZER Mileage: Super cool design and fast pickup Yamaha Fazer 150’s introduction Stylish motorcycles provide a good mileage of 50-53 kilometers.

Final Word:  Yamaha FAZER 150cc travels fastest speed among the best Bikes in the Bangladeshi roads. This bike is very beautiful look and style. This bike is very comfortable and very good for riding.
Their performance is nice but average is less but this bike is 150cc so good.

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