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Znen Falcon-8 Motorcycle Technical Review

Znen Falcon-8 Motorcycle Technical Review

Znen Falcon-8 Motorcycle Technical Review

Znen is one of the largest scooter company in Bangladesh. And before it was launched number of scooters in Bangladeshi motorcycle markets. And now I can tell you about its new Znen Falcon 8 scooters, that is looking very smart and pretty. And most important think is it’s a very effective and useful especially for women’s who loves to ride scooter. It’s a very good quality control riches scooter that’s provide some good technical features in this scooters. And also it has a good speed and mileage quality that will help you very much in your beautiful scooter riding.

Design and Quality.

This is a well-designed scooter, it looks very smart and pretty too. And its picked up a beautiful color combination in this Znen Falcon 8. You must sow before number of scooters but it is one of the best I can tell. Because it’s a very cool designed and more very smartly designed. And it has some wonderful quality that will must impress you. It has a very spacious boot under the seat for carrying your regular material such as helmet, rain suit, gloves and others important accessories and I think it is very effective part in this scooter.

Engine Performance

This scooter offers some exclusive features in this scooters engine quality. When you know about its engine you will be very happy about it. The Znen Falcon 8 provide in its engine type is Air cooled, 4 stroke and single cylinder. And this scooter has a very strong 149.6cc engine that will be very good for all scoter lovers. Not only that this scooters will give you more quality riches engine, it comes with 11.5 kw @ 8500 rpm maximum power and 11.1 kw @ 5500 rpm maximum torque.

This scooter offers a very good quality riches speed for your useful riding. It will give you 110 kilometers per hour of speed by which you can go as your wish speed around 110 kilometers per hour speed. And this scooter has gotten well mileage, it is allowed to go for about 45 kilometers per liter. I think you should happy with the mileage. Although it’s a very small scooter but it has well weight the kerb weight of this scooter is 118 KG. And also you should need to know that about this scooters body size. The Length of this scooter is 1942, width is 702 and Height is 1106. Most important part of the scooter is its fuel tank capacity, it can take up to 6.4 liters of fuel in its tank and it will be really useful for you.

At The End

At the end I want to tell you about one think of this Znen Falcon 8 scooter. This is a very smart and beautiful scooter I have been ever seen and it has some wonderful technical think that will really effective and I think when you ride this scooter then you must happy about its technical equipment.

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