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Znen T9 Motorcycle Technical Review

Znen T9 Motorcycle Technical Review

Znen T9 Motorcycle Technical Review

This is a really different type of scooter that has made a different type of design and its looking wonderful and fashionable too. It has taken a very good griping, handling and braking quality. Its totally different designed motorcycle from the others scooters that you have been ever seen. Its color combination is really good and also it’s a very comfortable to sitting on its stylish seats.

The Znen T9 also gives a high quality speed and mileage system for this speed although it’s a scooter but a biker when ride this he should feel like a reaching bikes.

Engine and ITS Performance

This is one of the best scooter and it has taken some high quality riches engine that’s really important for a bike and the bikers. The Znen T9 has included Air cooled 4 strokes and single cylinder type of engine which is built up a 149.6cc powerful engine that makes this scooter stronger than others scooters. The 11.2 Kw @ 9000 rpm maximum power makes this engine very high speeded strength and its 10.5 nm @ 9000 rpm maximum torque is help the engine to increase speed in this scooters. The engine also included itself a CDI ignition system that is also useful for the motorcycle.


Most of the scooters has almost same body fitness and that’s why this Znen T9 motorcycle has a similar type of body and its looking very good. The body design of this Znen T9 is very good and it’s a nice color combination scooter. The body length of this scooters is 2150, width 785 amd the height of this scooters is 1325mm. one of the most important part of the motorcycle is its tire and it has a front 12/80-14 and rear is 130/60-13 inch tires. The Znen T9 motorcycle had made a twin type headlamp that truly amazing to see. And it also gives a good fuel capacity, it can take up to 14 liters of fuel in its fuel tank. And the kerb weight of this scooter is 129 KG.

Suspension and Brakes

Its truly has gotten great suspension and braking system. The front suspension of the scooter is a Telescopic and a rear twin shocks suspension syste.for the batter control to this scooter it has made a double Disc braking system. It has a front Disc and a rear Disc brakes. That’s are truly help to control this motorcycle. and its like a safety for the rider.

Final Word

After the conversation about a different type of scooter its very cleared about the Znen T9 is a very high quality and expensive motorcycle. and it comes with some wonderful controlling system and its really comfortable looking scooter.

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