Atlas Zongshen Z One T Motorcycle Features Review

Atlas was Established in 1966 under private entrepreneurship. Nationalized and placed under the management of Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC) in 1972 after Liberation of Bangladesh. Reconstituted as a Public Limited Company in 1987 under Govt.’s Industrial Policy.

This motorcycle’s design is completely different than you have ever seen before. This Atlas Zongshen Z One T Motorcycle has made a stylish body structure that also looking very smart and gorgeous. This motorcycles body color combination is very attractive its body has designed by red, black and also white color that three colors are makes this bikes looking more impressive that’s why any people who wants to by a stylish bike they will impressed about it. This motorcycle has a wonderfully designed fuel tank and well-designed headlamp that two are most attractive part of this motorcycle.

The Atlas Zongshen Z One T Motorcycle has included some exciting engine in this motorcycle. its comes an Air Cooled, 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHC and 149.5cc strong engine that engine is perfect for the Bangladeshi biker. This stylish bikes also have gotten 10 KW @ 8500 rpm maximum power and 12.5 KW @ 6500 rpm maximum torque of this engines. You should happy with the engine of this wonderful motorcycle.

This Atlas Zongshen Z One T Motorcycle has included 5 Gears of this motorcycle. I think that 5 Gears will be enough for your enjoyable bike riding.

Speed and Mileage
Are you curious about this motorcycles speed and mileage? Then let’s talk about the top speed and mileage of this motorcycle. This bikes can go 120 kilometers per hour of maximum speed on the road. And this motorcycle is allowed to go for 42 kilometers per liter. That will be very expensive for any bike lover.

Fuel Tank
How many motorcycle you have seen, which is capable of taking up to 18 liters of fuel in its fuel tank. This is the motorcycle who can taking up to 18 liters of fuel in its tank. I think this fuel tank is bigger than any other motorcycles fuel tank in Bangladesh.

Battery is the most effective part of any motorcycle. This Atlas Zongshen Z One T has gotten a very effective battery, its comes with a 12 volt and 5 Ah battery. I think it’s very useful for this motorcycle.

This Atlas Zongshen Z One T has a very stylish and smart looking headlamp, that is not only very smart and stylish but also very brightness headlamp. It has a 12 volt and 35-35 watts included very brightness bulb that will be really useful in the darkness when you will ride this motorcycle.

The Atlas Zongshen Z One T has been designed its seat very smartly, and its originally made this seat for 2 persons that’s why 2 people can sitting on it. And it’s very comfortable to sitting on this seat.

When you ride your bike in a very unfavorable street, your bike’s suspension system helps keep your motorcycle strong. This Atlas Zongshen Z One T offers a strong and well suspension system. It has a front Telescopic Upside Down and a rear Monosock Coil suspension system.

One of the most important part of the motorcycle is its brakes. And that’s why this wonderful motorcycle will gives you very strong braking system by which you can control your motorcycle comfortably. It has a Double Disc brakes.

Tires and Wheels
This motorcycle has made well Tires and Wheels. This bikes have gotten medium type tires, its tires length is a front 90/90-17 inch and a rear 110/80-17-inch tire. And it also gives two Alloy type Wheels.

At The End
So at the end I want to say that this motorcycle has some outstanding engine and others features that will really impress you easily. And I will suggest that you can by this stylish and smart motorcycle undoubtedly.