Bajaj Avenger 150 Street Motorcycle User Review by Golam Mostofa

In 1996, I finished my study. When I started the business, I was very interested in buying a motorcycle. But then I could not afford to buy it. After some month I got some profit from by business. Then I bought a motorcycle Victor 100cc. I also bought more motorcycles. Such as Victor, Honda and Hiro Honda.

By the way this is Mr. Golam Mostofa. I am a businessman and owner of Bismillah Juwelars at Rajshahi. Now I have a motorcycle Bajaj Avenger 150 street. Today I will share you my driving and managing experience. I hope it will useful to you before the buy this bike.

Since I have a gold business, I have to travel in different places. It can be a long or short travel. Whatever happens, I travel by my own motorcycle. When I had a victor motorcycle I did not get all the benefits of travel. After some years after I bought a new motorcycle and this bike is also like Victor. In 2016, I saw some add-ons on TV about Bajaj Avenger 150 Street. Then I go to the Bajaj showroom and bought it. Some days after I understand that it is very useful to me.

To describe the description of this motorcycle, first let's say about its outlook. It is very beautiful to see from outside. This is update and fully new model bike. The outer color is very beautiful and it will last a long time. This Bike engine, Wheels model, theme model are also new. High quality headlight and the durability of the wheels is much more. It will be able to run   boldly on all the good and bad roads of Bangladesh.

It also very important to you about this bike engine. It has high quality 149 cc engine. This engine can generate maximum power 14.30 bhp and maximum torque 12.50 nm. I know that maybe Bajaj company use pulsar series engine in this bike. I've been a go long way but this bike would not disappoint me. Rather I am happy with the good service.

It is also helpful by the site of fuel. It’s Milege 65 KMPl per one liter. But It depends on your running skills and experience. If you reduce the speed of the motorcycle then it service you long Milege. And if you increase the speed then it services you little Milege. If I talk about it’s performance and Stability, I must say that You can see the side of the other Bajaj motorcycle. Because it's made of the same company by Bajaj.

All time it serve you best service. Like all other motorcycles it is also made from plastics and iron. The seat of this bike is also big and Comfortable. Any bad street or road I can freely drive it. It is not too expensive for the price. It’s Bangladesh price is 199,500tk. It has high body weight and feels under powered after initial punch. It is also suitable for riders of all sizes.

Travel and driving is all time enjoyable for man. And if it is comfortable then there is no Objection. I think this Bajaj Avenger 150 street bike give me much pleasure in my all journey. Now I use this bike very freely and I request you that at least one time you can use it for it’s all good side. You can get it to all Bajaj showroom. To me this is one of the perfect alternative of cruiser and daily commuter bike with enchanting appearance and diagram at very Low price.

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