Beetle Bolt Alligator Motorcycle Features Review

Beetle Bolt LLC is an US based company having its registered office in New York which focus on two wheelers including agro based machineries sales especially for South America & Europe. In 2001, the company started develop its product line architecture and entered into the market lately after successful R & D over the Cylinder & Piston engines with fuel economic ideology.

The design of the Beetle Bolt Alligator motorcycle is very stylish and classy. This Motorcycle has some wonderful color. This motorcycle is available in colors such as red, blue, and beige. Its looking very big and gorgeous. When you will see this than you feel that this motorcycle is your dreams bike that you have been looking for. I am sure that this motorcycle will really impressed you in your first look.

This Beetle Bolt Alligator motorcycle offers a 150cc powerful engine. That also gives you maximum power of 13.5Ps @ 8000 RPM and an optimum torque of 11.5 @ 6000 RPM. The Alligator comes with for you 120 kilometer Top speed which will enchant you. For your long motorcycle riding this motorcycle gives you well mileage, the Beetle Bolt Alligator motorcycle is allowed to go for 45 kilometers per liter. The Alligator motorcycle is built with a chain drive and has a CDI ignition system.

Fuel Tank
This motorcycles Fuel Tank is really big and also stylish too. This fuel tank is allowed to put the fuel at 12 liters. so you can go easily in fully loaded tank on 500+ kilometer of any road in Bangladesh.

For supporting in your motorcycles engine and other electrical instrument this Beetle Bolt Alligator gives you a 12-volt battery that will really help your motorcycle. And this 12-volt battery will generate some power of your motorcycle.

Headlight of this motorcycle is very stylish and different looking. The uniquely crafted LED flashlight headlights not just enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also give you a powerful light without eating up a lot of battery power. And this motorcycle offers twin headlamp for your safety at night.

This stylish Alligator motorcycles seat also very stylish. Normally 2 persons can be seating on this motorcycles seat. But whatever this motorcycles seat will rally impressive looking that grab your attention easily. The seats are upholstered in soft and high-quality leather to give you comfortable seating.

This wonderful motorcycles suspension system is good. This motorcycle has a front Telescopic and Rear Mono suspension system.

Brake is the most important part of any motorcycle because that is always protect us to accident. This stylish Beetle Bolt Alligator motorcycle has some strong brake quality. This motorcycle has a Front Double Disc strong brake and Rear Disc brake.

Tires and Wheels
This motorcycle comes with a good quality tires that will help you to go anywhere in the World. This motorcycle tires are medium type not really wide or slim. The tire size of this motorcycle is front 110/70-17 and Rear 150/70-17. And also this motorcycle gives two Alloy wheels. Front and Rear both of these are Alloy Wheels.

At The End
So at last I want to say that, did you dream of riding the roads in the most stylish motorcycle? Well, you can make your dream come true! Because this wonderful Beetle Bolt Alligator motorcycle will give you the opportunity to buy this motorcycle and success your Dream.