Beetle Bolt Stinger Motorcycle Features Review

Beetle Bolt LLC is an US based company having its registered office in New York which focus on two wheelers including agro based machineries sales especially for South America & Europe. In 2001, the company started develop its product line architecture and entered into the market lately after successful R & D over the Cylinder & Piston engines with fuel economic ideology.

When you see this motorcycle from the front then you will think it’s looks like a horse. Yes I am talk about the stylish, smart and most impressive Beetle Bolt Stinger Motorcycle that bike comes with a gorgeous looking design. This motorcycle has made his body design very smartly. Most stylish part of this motorcycles are fuel tank and seat. This tank of this motorcycle has made very differently its fully black and at the top of this tank have written the name of this motorcycle’s. and this motorcycles has designed two different type of seat, front seat is little straight and the behind of driver’s seat has a small seat where only one person can sit.

This motorcycle offers some outstanding engine quality that gives a Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air cooled and 149.5cc powerful engine. This wonderful engine is very strong I think so. And this bikes also has gotten 13.5Ps @ 8000rpm maximum power, and 11.5Nm @ 6000rpm is maximum torque of this motorcycles. Ignition type of this motorcycle is CDI.

Speed and Mileage
This Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle offers a good mileage and high Top speed quality. This strong motorcycle can go maximum speed 120 kilometer per hour. And this motorcycle has well mileage that bikes are allowed to go for 45 kilometer per liter. This should be enough for this type of motorcycle.

Fuel Tank
Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle has designed a very stylish looking fuel tank. And this fuel tank is most beautiful part of this motorcycle. now I want to say that this fuel tank can accept 12 liters of fuel in this tank. By which you can go 500+ kilometers of this fully loaded tank fuel.

Very important part of the motorcycles is Battery. Because the battery supplies some power to its electronic equipment. This Beetle Bolt Stinger will give you a 12-volt powerful battery that will help your motorcycles electrical appliances surely.

When you are ride the motorcycle in night then you should need to a powerful headlight, and this Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle has a powerful brightness headlamp that will help you to watch everything in the darkness. This motorcycle has gotten a 12 volt and 35/35 watts’ headlamp that will be really useful for you to watch road without any problems.

We always monitor the seat of a motorcycle and see how many people can sit here. This motorcycle has uniquely designed its seat, which you will be fascinated easily and it is able to take care of anyone. This motorcycle seat has originally designed to sitting for two people. And this seats are very stylish to watch and very comfortable to sitting.

The Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle will give you a very useful and great suspension system that is very protective for this motorcycle. This motorcycle has a Front Telescopic suspension and a Rear Mono suspension system.

Now I want to talk about some quality control braking system. This Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle comes with a strong front Disc brake and a Rear Disc brake. I am sure this two strong quality brakes will protect you and your motorcycle from any kind of accident on road.

Tires and Wheels
One of the most important part of motorcycle’s that his Tires and Wheels. And this motorcycles have strong quality tires and wheels. Tire size of this Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle is Front 110/70-17 tire and Front 150/70-17 tire. And the Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle comes with two strong Alloy wheels.

At The End
At the end I want to say that the Beetle Bolt Stinger motorcycle is really different quality control motorcycle and it is very smart and stylish too. That’s why I will suggest you to buy this motorcycle undoubtedly. You should be enjoying to riding this wonderful motorcycle.