Benelli TNT150 Motorcycle Features Review

Benelli was established in Pesaro, Italy in 1911, which possibly makes it the oldest of all European motorcycle factories in operation. Moto Guzzi the oldest European motorcycle factory in non-stop operation was established in 1921. After losing her husband, the widow Teresa Benelli invested all of the family capital into the business in the hope that it would offer stable work for her six sons: Giuseppe, Giovanni, Francesco, Filippo, Domenico and Antonio "Tonino". She also sent Giuseppe and Giovanni to study Engineering in Switzerland. Initially the business had 6 employees in addition to the 5 brothers working (Tonino didn't work because he was too young.)

In the beginning, it was just the Benelli Garage, which repaired bicycles and motorcycles, but was already able to produce all of the spare parts needed for repairs. During World War I, Benelli worked hard fixing parts for the Italian machines in war and in 1919 the first motorcycle was presented to the public. In 1920 the company built its first complete engine in-house, a single-cylinder two-stroke 75 cc model, immediately adapted to a bicycle frame. A year later in 1921, Benelli built its first motorcycle, using their own engine which had by then become a 98 cc model.

This is a well designed sports bike. It has made a beautiful body fitness and also it’s a very different type motorcycle that has available various of colors. This Benilli TNT Motorcycle has well shaped color combination in its body that’s looking very attractive and people will impress about this motorcycles color combination easily. It has made a very differently designed fuel tank that’s looking very good and its not a very big sized fuel tank but also medium type of fuel tank this is. A very important and totally different part of this motorcycles is its silencer that’s looking totally different from any others sports bike that I have been ever seen its very short type silencer but very uniquely designed by this motorcycle. overall it’s a very good designed motorcycle that’s looking very smart and stylish too.

The Benelli TNT 150 motorcycle has included a very good quality engine. It has a 4 stroke liquid cooled and single cylinder type engine that is truly amazing for this motorcycles engine. Its 149.5cc very high quality riches engine will give a very high performance and you will enjoy to ride this motorcycle with this 159.5cc engine. This motorcycle also has a 14 bhp @ 8000 rpm maximum power and 13.4 nm @ 6000 rpm maximum torque. Not only that it has included a TLI type ignition system, 20w40 type oil grade and wet type multi plate clutch.

Speed and Mileage
This motorcycle has gotten a very high quality of speed. This motorcycle has ability to go about 150 kilometers per hour of speed that is very highly speed quality and the biker will very enjoy tor ride this motorcycle in this speed. And this motorcycle also gives you a well mileage quality. This motorcycle is allowed to go for around 50 kilometers per liter.

Fuel Tank
Its little bit higher and very good looking fuel tank. And this fuel tank can take up to 13 liters of fuel by which you can easily go around 650 kilometers in this fully loaded tank.

The biker can change this motorcycles gear about 5 times because this motorcycle has picked up 5 numbers of gears.

This motorcycle will gives you a very good and brightness 12 volt and 35/35 watts headlamp that will be really useful for biker. And this will be help the biker to ride this motorcycle at night comfortably.

A very high quality riches Telescopic USD and a Mono suspension system are available for this motorcycle and this two are very effective for any kind of motorcycle.

Brakes and Wheels
This motorcycle has gotten a very high and strong quality braking system. It has a front Disc and a rear Disc brakes for batter controlling this motorcycle. And it has made two Alloy types wheel that also very important for this motorcycle.

At The End
At the end of this conversation I want to say that this motorcycle is a very well designed motorcycle. and this motorcycle comes with some wonderful features that will be very useful for the bike rider. And people can buy this motorcycle undoubtedly.