Dayun Defender Motorcycle Technical Review

The Dayun is a Chinese Motorcycle manufacturer company and already this company has been made number of motorcycle, And they export their motorcycles in many countries. Bangladesh is one of them and this Dayun Group already has released some wonderful motorcycle in Bangladeshi motorcycle market such as sports bike and standard type. And now I am going to tell you about a standard bike in Dayun group that is Dayun Defender Motorcycle and it’s a standard category bikes. This is a wonderful designed motorcycle and it has a medium type of fuel tank and very different type two seat that’s wonderfully designed by this Dayun Defender motorcycle. This motorcycles technical part also very important and it has some wonderful technical elements. So let’s talk about the technical part of this motorcycle.

Engine and ITS Performance
This motorcycle has included some good quality riches engine and this engines are very effective for any standard type bikes. It has a single cylinder, Air cooled, 4 stroke type of engine with a 148cc Displacement engine. And this engine is very powerful and this engine will help to increase its speed and the biker will be happy with this engine. This motorcycle has made a 8.5 @ 7500 rpm maximum power and 11.5 @ 6000 rpm maximum torque that’s truly wonderful.  This engine also included a CDI Ignition system and 20w50 type of oil grade and wet multi plate type clutch. Its speed is also good this motorcycle can go about 110 kilometers per hour of speed and 50 kilometers per liter of mileage also available for this bike.

it’s a standard type bike and it’s not a very big body sized motorcycle. And the body length of this motorcycle is 2070 mm, width is 810 mm and the height is 1185 mm and this body is looking very good. Kerb weight of this motorcycles is 143 KG that can take up to 150 KG maximum load. And wheel base 1330 mm and ground clearance is 175 mm. it has made a wonderful designed medium sized fuel tank and this tank can take up to 13 liters off fuel. it has taken a 12 volt and 35/35 watts headlamp with a 12 volt and 2 /0.5 watts tail lamp and 12 volt 2 watts type turn lamp. Also it has two strong tuires and the tires size are a front 100/80-17 and rear 130/70-17 tires.

Suspension and Brakes
This motorcycle has taken two very strong suspension system. It has a strong  front Telescopic and a rear Mechanical spring Suspension that’s are truly amazing. A very strong Disc and rear Drum type brakes has been included by this motorcycle for your batter controlling this bike.

Final Word
So at the end I want to say that this is a very good quality riches standard motorcycle. And this motorcycle has some good features quality engine and some good quality riches technical elements that’s will be really impressed every people especially who love to ride this type of standard bikes.