Dayun DY 150-6 Motorcycle Features Review

The Dayun is a Chinese Motorcycle manufacturer. And this company was started their journey in 2009. this is not only a motorcycle manufacturer but also this motorcycle company manufactures trucks, light trucks and engine.

This Dayun DY 150- 6 motorcycle is look like a medium sized motorcycle but this is a sports bike. And this motorcycle has made a wonderful design in its body and this is looking very good and different from  the others motorcycle in Dayun group. This motorcycle has picked up a very attractive looking colors that will attract every people easily. It has a combination of Light green and Black colors in its body that’s looking very brighter. It has made a medium sized fuel tank and a long seat and both of this are looking good and very useful for the biker. Also in the tires of this motorcycle has combination of light green and black colors that’s looking awesome and both of this two tires has same colors.

This motorcycle has gotten a Air cooled, 4 stroke and single cylinder type of engine. And it has a very high quality riches powerful 150cc engine and this engine is so effective for the biker when he ride this motorcycle then he should feeling very good for this 150cc engine. This engine has picked up a very interesting 7.6/6000 Rated Power that’s really good for this motorcycles engine. This motorcycle also has included in its engine a CDI ignition system , 20w50 oil grade, and for quick start it has a Electrical and a Kick starter.

Speed and Mileage
This Dayun DY 150-6 Motorcycle has taken a very good speed quality and its mileage quality also very useful. This motorcycle can go about 120 kilometers per liter of highest speed I think that’s really wonderful. And this motorcycle is allowed to go for 45 kilometers per liter of mileage that also very effective for the biker.

The Dayun DY 150-6 Motorcycle has picked up a very useful gearbox. It has taken 5 number of Gears that is very useful for the biker.

Fuel Tank
This motorcycle has made a beautiful designed fuel tank that’s looking very attractive, and this fuel tank can take up to 14.5 liters of fuel by which you can easily go around 650 kilometers in this fully loaded tank.

Brakes and Wheels
The Dayun DY 150-6 Motorcycle comes with a very strong braking system, it has a front Disc and a front Drum type brakes that’s truly very strong and it will be help the biker to  control this bike at any time. And this motorcycle also has taken two very useful wheels and the wheels sized are a front 19 x 7-8 and rear wheel is 18 x 9.50-8 that’s truly wonderful and very effective.

At The End
So at the end its clear that this motorcycle is a very strong and powerful. And this motorcycle is one of the best looking sports bike in the Dayun group. The outlook of this motorcycle is truly wonderful and people will easily impressed about this motorcycle.