H Power Dark Motorcycle Features Review

H Power Motorcycle is one of the prime manufacturer of two - wheelers, based in Asia. In 2000, the company achieved the coveted position of being the best yearly two-wheeler manufacturing company in Bangladesh. H Power Motorcycle continues to maintain this position till date. NEW GRAMEEN MOTORS has started its journey in the year 1995. We are manufacturing motorcycle. In the past 10 years, the company has invested a large amount of capital to introduce complete set of advanced production technology and equipment. Till now, our company's production capacity has reached 50,000 motorcycles per year. Our products cover 4 series of motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 150cc, and about 10 models of motorcycle. We have also tri-cycle, electric tri-cycle etc. We sell motorcycle and tri-cycle all over in the country.

The H Power already launched some different type sporty and standard motorcycle and you should saw that. Now this motorcycle has made a wonderful designed cruiser type motorcycle that is fully blackish looking. It has designed a widest and big footrest that’s truly good for the biker and that also gives the biker a comfortable feelings. When you see this motorcycles twin silencer then you should really impressed about it. Most of the people are not like widest type tires but some people still loves widest tire and this motorcycle for them. Because it has two big and widest type tires and that two tires are also strong. Overall it’s a well designed cruiser type motorcycle and people will like this design.

Every cruiser type motorcycle has some good quality controlling engine. And that’s why some people are really loves cruiser type motorcycle. And at this time this motorcycle has some good engine quality. It has a 149.7cc powerful engine that is truly wonderful for the biker. For quickly start this motorcycle has included two startup system a Electrical and a Kick starter has this motorcycle. not only that this motorcycle also has a 20w40 type oil grade and wet multi plate type clutches.

Speed and Mileage
This H Power Dark cruiser types motorcycle has a good speed and mileage quality. This motorcycle has included a limited 120 kilometers per hour of speed by which the biker can speeded up this motorcycle around 120 kilometers per hour speed. And this bikes is allowed to go for 45 kilometers per liter of mileage.

This motorcycle has picked up 5 numbers of gears by which you can change the gear about 5 times.

When you ride this motorcycle then its 12 volt battery will help this motorcycles electrical equipment.

This bike has taken a very good twin shocks suspension system that will be help this motorcycle to stay long lasting.

Brakes and Wheels
It’s a very high quality braking system included by this motorcycle. It has a front Disc and a rear Drum types brakes that’s truly very strong and well controlled braking system.

At The End
So at the end I want to say that this motorcycle is a well designed cruiser type motorcycle and it has made a fully black colors in its body that’s looking truly dark that’s why this cruisers name H Power Dark. And it has some true power in this motorcycles engine.