H Power RZ3 150 Motorcycle Features Review

H Power Motorcycle is one of the prime manufacturer of two - wheelers, based in Asia. In 2000, the company achieved the coveted position of being the best yearly  two-wheeler manufacturing company in Bangladesh. H Power Motorcycle continues to maintain this position till date. NEW GRAMEEN MOTORS has started its journey in the year 1995. We are manufacturing motorcycle. In the past 10 years, the company has invested a large amount of capital to introduce complete set of advanced production technology and equipment. Till now, our company's production capacity has reached 50,000 motorcycles per year. Our products cover 4 series of motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 150cc, and about 10 models of motorcycle. We have also tri-cycle, electric tri-cycle etc. We sell motorcycle and tri-cycle all over in the country.

It’s a very differently designed sports bike that has manufactured by H Power Motorcycle company. H Power RZ3 150 has designed a different type of seat especially its rear seat is looking very different and little bit high from the rear tire and it has a distance between them. A high and also big sized fuel tank is available in this motorcycle that’s looking very good. Front side of this motorcycles is looking very big from the rear side. It has a made a different type of footrest that’s looking good and people will feeling comfortable for this footrest. Overall it’s a well designed different type of sports bike and the design of this motorcycle is really impressive and people will like this design of this motorcycle.

Engine type of this H Power RZ3 150 motorcycle is a single cylinder and  4 strokes. This motorcycle has taken a very high quality riches 150cc engine that’s makes this motorcycles engine more powerful. This motorcycle also has included a 20w40 oil grade and wet multi plate type clutch that also very effective for this motorcycle. a Electrical starter has picked up this engine for your quick start this motorcycle.

Speed and Mileage
130 kilometers per hour of top speed and 50 kilometers per liter mileage has included by this motorcycle that’s truly high standard.

This sports bike has picked up for you a very useful 6 Gearbox by which you can change this motorcycles gear about 6 times. As a sports bike this 6 number of gears is really effective.

For  supplying power in this motorcycles electrical elements it has taken a 12 volt powerful battery that will be help this motorcycles all electrical equipment to supplying some power.

This motorcycle has made a different designed 12 volt and 35/35 watts headlamp that will help the rider at night.

This motorcycle will gives you a very good quality riches a Telescopic USD and a Mono suspension system that’s are help motorcycles to stay long time.

Brakes and Wheels
This motorcycle has gotten a very strong quality front Disc and a rear Disc brakes with two Alloy types wheels. And that’s will help the rider to control this motorcycle.

At The End
At the end I want to say that, after knowing about this motorcycle you should understand that this motorcycle is a very different type of sports bike and this motorcycle comes with some important and wonderful features that’s are truly very effective for this motorcycle and the biker who ride this motorcycle.

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