Hero Glamour Vs Bajaj Discover 125 Compare Review

History About Hero And Bajaj Motorcycle

Hero Motorcycle
Hero Motorcycle is the World's single largest two–wheeler motorcycle company. Honda Motor Company of Japan and the Hero Group entered a joint venture to setup Hero Honda Motors Limited in 1984. The joint venture between India's Hero Group and Honda Motor Company, Japan has not only created the world's single largest two wheeler company but also one of the most successful joint ventures worldwide.

Bajaj Motorcycle
And Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company. Bajaj Auto manufactures and sells motorcycles, scooters and auto rickshaws. Bajaj Auto is the world's sixth-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the second-largest in India. It is the world's largest three-wheeler manufacturer.

Hero Honda Glamour Vs Bajaj Discover 125
Hero Honda Glamour Motorcycle is very expensive and truly its very Glamour’s motorcycle that comes with some exclusive engine and super mileage that will impressed you easily. And also Bajaj Discover 125 motorcycle will give you good engine quality almost same mileage and more others features of this motorcycle is really impressive I think you will also like this motorcycle too.

Hero Honda Glamour Motorcycle Come up with air cooled 4 stroke and single cylinder type of engine. And the other side Bajaj Discover 125 Motorcycles engine type is Air cooled, single cylinder and 2 valve. Here, the Hero Glamour also has gotten 124.7cc powerful engine, 100 km/h top speed, air cooled cooling system, 6.72 kw (9BHP) @ 7000 Rpm max power and 10.35 @ 4000 Rpm max torque. And other side Bajaj Discover 125 motorcycle has 124.6 cc of engine, 10.84 bhp @ 8000 rpm Max Power, 10.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm Max Torque, 100 km/h Top speed and air cooled cooling system.

Both of these two motorcycle have Electric and Kick startup system that will help you to start your motorcycle easily. This Hero Glamour motorcycle also has more features that is a DC Digital CDI with TCIS Ignition system, 20w50 Oil Grade and wet multi plate clutch.  Bajaj Discover 125 also has the same quality features Digital DTS- i Ignition system, 20w50 oil grade and wet multi plate clutch.

For your enjoyable motorcycle journey Gear is most important subject. The Hero Honda Glamour Motorcycle comes with 4 number of Gears. and the other hand Bajaj Discover 125 motorcycle has gotten 5 Gears. I think it is not only useful but also important to your enjoyable bike riding.

Who has no interest in knowing about motorcycle mileage? I think you will definitely want to know that how much Mileage will have these two motorcycle. The Hero Honda Glamour motorcycle is allowed to go for 50 Km per liter and Bajaj Discover 125 motorcycle is allowed to go for 50 km per liter this will be enough for any kind of road.

Most important part of motorcycle is motorcycles body and both of these motorcycles have very strong body fitness. The Hero Honda Glamour bikes body dimension is 2005mm Length, 735 mm Width and 1070 mm Height. Kerb Weight of this Motorcycle is 125 KG and Fuel Tank Capacity of this Motorcycle is 13.6 Liter. And the other side Bajaj Discover 125 motorcycles body dimension Length 2035mm, Width 760mm, Height 1087mm. Kerb Weight of this Motorcycles 120 KG and Fuel Tank Capacity is 8 Liter.

Brakes and Tyres
Break is like a protector of you and your Motorcycle. The Hero Honda Glamour motorcycle and Bajaj Discover 125 both of these has gotten strong and useful Brakes. The Hero Glamour motorcycles brake Front Disc and Rear Drum Breaks.  And Hero Honda Glamour motorcycles tyre size is 2.75 x 18 – 42P/ 4PR Front Tyre and 3.00 x 18 – 52 P/ 6 PR Rear Tyre. In the other side Bajaj Discover 125 Motorcycle comes with a Front Drum and a Rear Drum Brakes. And Tyre length of this motorcycle is 2.75"X17" Front and 3.00X17" Rear.