Hero Honda CBZ XTreme KS Motorcycle User Review by Sujon Ali

Hi, this is Sujon Ali. By Profession I am a businessman. I have a clothing store and every day I have to travel from home to business and the only vehicle to travel is motorcycle. I have a motorcycle that is Hero Honda CBZ XTreme KS, before that I used a lot of motorcycles but it is the best of all. Earlier, I had a Bajaj 100 cc motorcycle that sold it and decided to buy a good quality motorcycle. And then I bought the Hero's Hero Honda CBZ XTreme KS this motorcycle. Now I want to share with you some experience about this motorcycle.

I have already said that this motorcycle is the best bike I have ever seen. Perhaps it is a sports type bike, and it is designed differently from all the other motorcycles of the Heroes. This is a tall body motorcycle and it also looking very smart and fantastic. It has a various of colors. My motorcycle is designed in combination with blue and silver colors. And this motorcycle has made its design wonderfully as I wanted.

I always look forward to a good engine quality riches motorcycle and this Hero Honda CBZ XTreme KS bike gave me some wonderful strong engine quality that is perfect for me. It has a 150cc powerful engine that is very useful for me. When I ride this motorcycle at any street it’s 150cc engine helped me to run this motorcycle without any problems. Its gearbox is really impressive to me, because its gave me 5 speed gear that is such a useful part of my motorcycle. when I changed this bikes gear 5 times at riding then I feeling very grateful.

When I thinking about the top speed of this motorcycle then I feeling like a sports biker. Because it gave me 100 kilometer per hour of top speed by which this motorcycle can run as fast as I want. And also it has good mileage quality that is so helpful for me. Because when I go somewhere in my business, its 60 kilometer mileage seems special to me. It’s allowed to go for 60 kilometer in just 1 liter of fuel. And also my motorcycle has a good fuel capacity that can take up to 12.3 liters of fuel that also help me to go long journey.

Every day I travel with my bike from the shop at home and at that time there are many different types of accident in the street, but my motorbike's two strong breaks always protect me from the accident. It gave me a front 240mm Disc and a rear 130mm Drum brake these are very useful for me also these two are like protector of my motorcycle. I also really grateful for this bikes suspension system because suspension system is help every motorcycle to stay long lasting. This motorcycle also has great suspension that’s are front Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absobers and rear Swing Arms suspension.

So at last I want to say that this motorcycle gave me many benefits that’s really helps me for my everyday’s life and which makes my daily travel more comfortable.