Hero Hunk Double Disc Motorcycle Technical Review

Hero Hunk is a good and stylish bike for guys with a tight budget; this bike provides speed and comfort with low maintenance and is packed with strength. The bike provides an excellent good mileage and fits the budget. Hunk 150cc the engine is strong and the appearance is the fantastic sport. Mileage is about 45-50 and fuel is 12 liters more. Overall I would say that this bike is quite good.

While riding this bike, you wonder when it's a bit heavy to carry around, so you have to be quite healthy to carry it around (just fun). It does not give anything bad about mileage, which is rather good enough to get. His appearance is so interesting that it switches our animal model!

Why choice people
Comfortable riding quality. Average mileage High reliability Good road grip Handsome Higher brake power Come with BS4 emission Easy Handling Back comfort is also Alloy wheels More power capacity Good title There is a front disc break Overall its good Also good performance Good buyer review Metal body Game look Price lace Easily available in the market Parts are easily available Sidebar positions are good

Engine Quality
Hero Hunk motorcycle is built up with the 149.2cc engine. And for this type of motorcycle hero company has used air-cooled,4-stroke single cylinder ending which is perfect for giving the best performance. This engine can give 10.6kW (14.4 PS) @8500 rpm max powered and 12.80N-m @ 6500 rpm max torque for this motorcycle. With this type of max power and torque, these bike can give the best acceleration power which is 0- 60 km in 5 sec. for a better engine service hero company used C.V type CCVI( carburetor controlled with var) carburetor for these motorcycles. The compression ratio of these motorcycles is 9.1:1 which is much better form the other motorcycles form hero motor comp.

Best bike
This bike pickup is very powerful and very smooth bike. But the average mine on this bike is less than full control of this bicycle handling. Hero Honda looks very good at the pins. Hero Honda sports bike shows this bike mileage and very good control. None of these bikes yourself Compare a bike compared to a sports bike comparatively lesser than a sports bike in Honda.

Comfortable and powerful to you
The hook is a good bike that gives you a comfortable journey and in this price range, it is a good looking bike too.If you're going to drive a bike below 70 kilometers, this is a good option and you will not be disappointed with your travel companion to go to your bike.

Fairly it's a very good product of Hero Hunders based on the few points mentioned below:

Fuel cost: It is much better than other bikes. For a 150 kilometer engine 50 kilometer / liter is very good, which is very good for a very strong engine (obviously depending on the knowledge / driving style).

Comfort: When driving alone for good quality shock absorbers when driving alone it provides a great infection. Extensive and comfortable seats offer a perfect and enjoyable ride.

Reliability: It can be reliable on the street for the first 5 years without at least one major service.

Handling and control: Low-level front seats help keep both feet on the ground for low altitude people. It's a heavy bike weighing 156 kg and so on the uneven road so it gives a comfortable driving. But moving by hand is a bit difficult.

I think: as it has a very awesome opinion on it personally as it freely sports bike.

Final Word:
So, from all, it's a very good bike and I would say that if you can think of buying a bike you can buy this unhesitatingly.