Hero Xtreme Sports Disc Motorcycle Features Review

Hero Motorcycle is the World's single largest two–wheeler motorcycle company. Honda Motor Company of Japan and the Hero Group entered a joint venture to setup Hero Honda Motors Limited in 1984. The joint venture between India's Hero Group and Honda Motor Company, Japan has not only created the world's single largest two wheeler company but also one of the most successful joint ventures worldwide.

The Hero recently launched a new design sports bike. It's looking very smart and stylish. And it's much differently designed than other Heroes motorcycles. We have seen that other hero motorcycle's fuel tank are very small sizes, but the Hero Xtreme Disc Sports motorcycle's fuel tank is a bit taller and beautifully designed. This motorcycle has made two seats for a driver and the other is for ordinary people. Overall it’s a very new well designed motorcycle.

Every biker wants to a good engine quality of his bikes. That's why when he try to buy a motorcycle then he always looking for a strong and powerful engines quality motorcycle. This Hero Xtreme Sports Disc motorcycle has included a very strong quality engine when you will see this you will feel that this is the engine that you are looking for. This motorcycle has a Air cooled, 4 – stroke single cylinder OHC and 149.2cc engine.  It also has a very useful maximum power 15.2 bhp @ 8500 rpm and important maximu torque of this motorcycle is 13.5 Nm @ 7000 rpm. You also happy to know that the engine also included a very powerful CV Type with Carburetor Controlled Variable Ignition Carburettor.

Speed and Mileage
This Hero Xtreme Sports Disc Motorcycle has a very high quality top speed and good mileage. It can go about 135 kilometers per hour of maximum speed that will help you to your enjoyable bike riding. The Hero Xtreme Sports Disc motorcycle has gotten a good mileage quality that’s why this bike is allowed to go for 45 kilometers per liter.

Fuel Tank
This is a very expensive fuel tank. That has made a very wonderful design. its not only very well designed fuel tank but also it can accept around 12.10 liters of fuel by which you can easily go 500+ kilometer in this fully loaded tank.

Now I want to talk about a power supplying material of the motorcycle that is battery. battery is the most important and useful part of motorcycle and this Hero Xtreme Sports Disc Motorcycle has gotten a 12 Volt and 4 Ah MF Battery that is makes this motorcycle more powerful.

When you ride a bike at night then you should need a headlight that because it will be help you to watch everything on road in the darkness. This Hero Xtreme Sports Disc Motorcycle gives a very high quality 12 volt and 35 / 35 wats Halogen bulb, Trapezoidal MFR headlight. So it will truly help you in the darkness.

It has a top quality suspension system that is keeps safe this motorcycle for long lasting. it has a very strong front Telescopic and rear Rectangular Swing Arm suspension. and that two will be help this bike keeps safe.

Every biker needs to a strong brake for his safety. And so this motorcycle will give you a very strong Double Disc Brakes by which you can easily control your bike any time.

Tires and Wheels
Tire and wheel is most effective part of the motorcycle. And this Hero Xtreme Sports Disc Motorcycle has a strong tires  thar tire length is front  80 / 100 x 18 – 47 P Tubeless and a rear 110 / 90 x 18 – 61 P Tubeless Tires. and this bikes wheels’ size is front 18 x 1.85, Alloy wheels and rear 18 x 2.15, Alloy wheels.

At The End
So at the end of this discussion I wants to say that this Hero Xtreme Sports Disc Motorcycle has come some wonderful features that will be likes any bike lovers especially in the young generation of Bangladesh.