Honda CB Unicorn 150 Motorcycle User Review by Aftab Ahmed

Hi, this is Aftab Ahmed. By Profession I am a college Lecturer. I recently joined college as a lecturer. The distance of college from my home was a few kilometers and so I used to go to college every day to ride on different vehicles, which was a bit painful for me. So I decided to buy a motorcycle that would help me to go to college without any trouble. So I was looking for a good quality standard motorcycle to buy. Then one of my colleagues advised me to buy this motorbike Honda CB Unicorn 150. This motorcycle truly good quality riches and standard. Now I want to share with some experience about this beautiful motorcycle.

Before buying this motorcycle I had no idea about the Honda group bike, but after buying this motorcycle I realized that Honda's motorcycles are really awesome. Honda CB Unicorn 150 motorcycle is designed as I wanted. It's very smart and standard to see. I do not like the big-sized motorcycle tanks and this motorcycle's tank is medium-sized and that's why it looks very standard. The body of my motorcycle is completely black colors.

I really impressed about my bikes engine quality. Because its gave me some powerful engine, this motorcycle’s 150cc engine makes my bike riding more enjoyable. When I ride this motorcycle then I feeling very happy with this bikes engine that truly very strong and powerful and that also very useful for my everyday’s journey. You should happy to know that this motorcycles included more material that is Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine. That also makes this engine more powerful.

It’s a very useful bike for me, because its 62 kilometer per liter of mileage is save my money all the time. I can easily go about 62 kilometers in just 1 liter of fuel so it is very useful to me. When I ride this bike then sometimes I am feeling very racing mindful because its gave me a 101 kilometer of highest speed that’s why I can speeded up this motorcycle many times and its accept highest 101 kilometers per hour speed.

I love traveling too much and especially my bike is very good to travel around. And so, sometimes I and my wife used to ride on a motorcycle to go away somewhere. And at that time my bike's fuel tanks help too because this fuel tank is able to take up to 13 liters of fuel and by which we can easily go 800+ kilometers, load the entire tank. So it’s a very useful fuel tank for any travel loving man.

When I go somewhere to go away, sometimes it turns out to be a night, and at that time, 12 volts and 7 Ah powerful and brightness light on this motorcycle is really helps me to watch everything in the darkness. This is a very expensive motorcycle and this motorcycle also has two strong quality suspension system that two are really help my bikes to stay long lasting. It has a front Telescopic and a strong rear Spring Loaded Hydraulic Type Monoshock suspension system that makes this motorcycle more potential.

So this the best bike in my opinion. Because it will give you some extraordinary material that will be very useful for you. Especially this motorcycle for these people who likes standard type bike very much.