KeeWay Superlight 150 Motorcycle Technical Review

The KeeWay Superlight 150 is a very different type cruiser of the KeeWay group. It’s a fully black colors cruisers that has taken a different designed body especially from the front its really wonderful to see. It has made a well designed short type fuel tank that also looking good. A long sized and very comfortable looking seat has available for this bike. A very special part of this cruisers is its twin silencer that’s looking awesome. And it has two very widest tire and that tires are very strong and that will be help to ride this bike any kind of street comfortably. Not only it’s a different type and well designed cruiser but also it has some wonderful features especially the technical part of this cruisers is really good. So let’s take a look about the technical part of this cruiser.

Engine and ITS Performance
The KeeWay Superlight 150 has picked a single cylinder,4 stroke and 2 valve  type  ofengine and the engine quality quite good for the rider. And the KeeWay Superlight 150 cruiser has taken a 150cc powerful engine that gives a racing minded feelings the rider and it also really impressive. It also has taken maximum power 12 bhp @ 8500 r/min and maximum torque is 11 nm @ 6000 r/min that will help increase power to this engine. Not only that This KeeWay Superlight 150 also has taken a very important CDI ignition system 20w50 oil grade and wet multi plat type clutch. A very special 5 speed gears has available for this special cruiser. Speed of this cruiser is also good it can go around 124 kilometers per hour of speed with 50 kilometers per liter of mileage.

The KeeWay Superlight 150 motorcycle has made a very long sized body that looking very good. The  body length of this motorcycle is 2260 mm, width is 800 mm and height of this motorcycle quite good 1110 mm that’s why it’s looking very long.  The kerb weight of this motorcycle is 134 KG  that gives a really good feelings. It has a short sized fuel tank that can take up to 15 liters of fuel that really effective for this motorcycle. The 35/35 watts headlamp with two LED type Tail and Turn lamp are really helped this motorcycle and its very useful for the biker. It has taken a widest type front 110/90-16 and Rear 130/90-15 tires that’s are very good for this motorcycle.

Suspension and Brakes
This motorcycle has a front Telescopic forks and  rear Telescopic coil spring oil damped suspension system that makes this motorcycle more high quality riches and gives the support this motorcycle to stay long lasting. And the motorcycles front Disc brakes and a rear Drum brakes gives batter control for biker who ride this motorcycle in any street.

Final Word
After knowing about this wonderful cruisers I think every cruiser lovers will likes this cruiser at the fast look and. I can say that this is one of the best cruiser type motorcycle and it has some wonderful  technical equipment that gives the biker wonderful feelings.