Lifan KPT 150 Motorcycle Features Review

Lifan is a privately owned Chinese motorcycle and automobile manufacturer headquartered in Chongqing, China. It was founded in 1992 and began the manufacture of automobiles in 2005, with license-built micro vans and a small sedan developed by Lifan themselves. Lifan’s vehicle products include passenger cars, micro vans, dirt bike engines, entry-level motorcycles, mini-vehicles, and commercial trucks. The company’s non-vehicle-related activities include the manufacture of sports shoes and winemaking. Outside of China, Lifan is currently best known for the sale of small passenger cars in emerging markets.

Did you look for an extraordinary different stylish and smart big motorcycle? Then this Lifan KPT 150 will give you this opportunity to buy your dreamy motorcycle. This motorcycle is perfect for you. This motorcycle is really great to watch and its totally different kind of motorcycle which you have never seen before. This has gotten a widest body and fuel tank that makes this motorcycles more attractive. Some people are not like widest tire of motorcycles but also some people likes widest tire this motorcycle for them because this motorcycle comes with gorgeous looking widest tire that is very impressive part of this motorcycle. This motorcycle has made their design from various of colors you can choose your favorite color motorcycle from same design. I am sure that after seeing this motorcycle, you cannot turn your eyes away and be impressed by this motorcycle.

This Lifan KPT 150 motorcycle has some extraordinary engine quality that makes this motorcycle more exiting. And you should want to know about this motorcycles engine quality? So let’s take a look about this motorcycles engine. This motorcycle offers 4 stroke liquid cooled single cylinder and 150cc of powerful engine. This motorcycle also comes with maximum power 14.8 bhp @ 8500 rpm and maximum torque of this wonderful motorcycle is 14 nm @ 6500 rpm that is very expensive for any motorcycle. This Lifan motorcycle will gives you for your enjoyable bike riding 120 kilometer of top speed and 6 number of Gears that is truly extraordinary for any bike lovers.

Fuel Tank
The Lifan KPT 150 has designed his fuel tank wonderfully. This fuel tank is very stylish looking and it can take up to 14 liters of fuel by which you can easily go 600+ kilometers to fully loaded fuel on this fuel tank.

The motorcycle’s battery is one of the most important parts of any motorcycle, because the motorcycle’s battery power supplies the motorcycle’s headlights, parking lights, LED lights and other electrical appliances. And this motorcycle has a 12-volt battery that will support to your all that kind of electrical appliances easily.

When you are ride the motorcycle in night then you should need to a powerful headlight, and this Lifan KPT 150 motorcycle has a powerful brightness headlamp that will help you to watch everything in the darkness. This motorcycle has gotten a 12 volt and 35/35 watts’ headlamp.

We always monitor the seat of a motorcycle and see how many people can sit here. This motorcycle has uniquely designed its seat, which you will be fascinated easily and it is able to take care of anyone. This motorcycle seat was originally designed to climb up for two people.

The Lifan KPT 150 motorcycle will gives you to great suspension system that is very protective for this motorcycle. This motorcycle has a Front Telescopic USD suspension and a Rear Mono suspension system.

This motorcycles braking system is really impressive because this motorcycle comes with Double Disc strong braking system that will be protect you from any kind of problems on the road. And for our safety brake is most important parts of our motorcycle. So this Double Disc brakes are very useful for you.

Tires and Wheels
One of the most important part of motorcycle’s that his Tires and Wheels. And this motorcycles have strong quality tires and wheels. Tire size of this motorcycle is Front 90/90 – 17 Tubeless tire and Front 120/80 – 17 Tubeless tire. And the Lifan KPT 150 motorcycle comes with two strong Alloy wheels.

At The End
At the end I want to say that the motorcycle is really different quality control motorcycle and it is very smart and stylish too. That’s why I will suggest you to buy this motorcycle undoubtedly. You should be enjoy to riding this wonderful motorcycle.