Race Fiero 150FR Motorcycle Features Review

Race Motorcycle is Developed by KTM designers and manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) CFMOTO, China- a joint venture of KTM, Austria. This is a very stylish and fashionable motorcycle manufacturer that has been made number of stylish looking motorcycle. And this motorcycle now in a part of Bangladeshi motorcycle market and successfully selling their motorcycle.

The Race Fiero 150FR Motorcycle has very uniquely designed its body that is looking great. It’s a very big body sized motorcycle and in the front of this motorcycle is really big and also very widest. Especially it has made a very big sized fuel tank that’s looking awesome and this fuel tank has making widely and also high. Very attractive part of this motorcycle is its rear side because it’s a very different type of body designed and under the seat it has a big distance between seat and the rear tires and this design is really impressive for young people who loves to ride a fashionable bikes. And most probably this motorcycle has been made for young people who loves this type of stylish, smart and fashionable motorcycle. and I think every young boys will really like this bike undoubtedly.

This is not only a stylish motorcycle but also it has some wonderful engine quality that makes this motorcycle more stronger that’s why after knowing about this engine quality young people will more excited about it. It has a Liquid cooled EFI and single cylinder type of engine that is very useful for any sports bikes. And its 149.4cc powerful engine will gives you a racing minded feelings that’s why it’s perfect for the name of this motorcycle brand because it gives the power in its engine that is very racing type. Not only that this engine also included more power, it has a 12 bhp @ 8500 rpm maximum power and 10.7 nm @ 7500 rpm maximum torque that two are really helpful for motorcycles engine.

Speed and Mileage
Very high quality riches speed and mileage has available for this motorcycle. this Race Fiero 150 FR motorcycle can go limited 120 kilometers per hour of speed I think that is very racing speed. And it also allowed to go for 50 kilometers per liter of mileage.

One of the most attractive and important part of this motorcycle is its gear. It has picked up 6 number of Gears that really effective for any sports bike. And the biker will really enjoy to change gear about 6 times.

Fuel Tank
This is a very big sized fuel tank but it is not able to take more fuel like others big sized motorcycle. it can take up to 10 liters of fuel.

This motorcycle has provide a very important and useful suspension system. It has a front Telescopic USD and a rear Mono suspension system that two are really good for any kind of motorcycle.

Brakes and Wheels
For this batter controlling this sports bike will give you a strong braking quality. And this motorcycle has made a front disc and a rear disc type of brakes. And it has gotten two Alloy type wheels.

At The End
At the end of this discussion about this Race Fiero 150 FR motorcycle I think you should understand that this is a very high quality riches motorcycle and you can buy this motorcycle undoubtedly especially young boys of Bangladesh.