Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc Motorcycle Features Review

Suzuki is a one of the most successful and also popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. Suzuki motorcycle who started manufacturing motorcycles in 1952.the first models being motorized bicycles From 1955 to 1976.The company manufactured motorcycles with two-stroke engines only, the biggest two-stroke model being the water-cooled triple-cylinder GT750. The Suzuki Motorcycle company has already provide some wonderful bike in Bangladeshi motorcycle market. And Bangladeshi people are really loves all motorcycle in this  Suzuki brands.

The Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc is a very stylish and fashionable designed and expensive sports type bike that has made a very big body and it’s looking truly wonderful. It has a very big plastic shaped which is located below the fuel tank and it’s looking great and fashionable too. This motorcycle is very colorful and it has available fully black, blue and black combined and red and black colors combined both of these three type of colors motorcycle has available in market and you can choose your favorite one of these three.

There is a very higher fuel tank and it’s not a very widest but little bit higher. When you see this motorcycle then you should noticed its short silencer that’s very differently designed by this motorcycle and its truly impressive. The Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc also has made a comfortable looking seat and probably two people can sitting on it comfortably. And the rear side it has a big gap between rear tires and rear seat. Overall it’s a wonderful designed great sports bike and people will really likes this design of this motorcycle.

A very high quality riches engine has included by the Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc. It has a Air cooled, 4 stroke and single cylinder type of engine that’s truly very high quality riches engine. Not only that this motorcycle will gives you a very expensive and different type 154.9 cc engine and that’s truly very high in the context of Bangladesh. And  when you ride this motorcycle then you feel like a bird and this 154.9cc engine will gives you a sporty minded feelings. Its 14.6 bhp @ 8000 rpm maximum power and 14 nm @ 6000 rpm maximum torque are also very good for this engine.

Speed and Mileage
A very high quality riches Speed and mileage has available for this Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc   motorcycle. This motorcycle can go 127 kilometers per hour of speed and. And this motorcycle is allowed to go for 45 kilometers per liter of mileage.

Fuel Tank
A very higher type fuel tank has made by this motorcycle. And this fuel tank can take up to 12 liters of fuel by which you can go around 500+ kilometers in this fully loaded tank.

This is a very stylish looking and also very powerful headlamp. And it is a 12 volt and 35/35 watts type headlamp that’s truly very helpful for every biker in the darkness.

Two very strong quality riches suspension system has available for this motorcycle. It has a front Telescopic and rear 7 step adjustable mono shock type suspension that will help this bike to stay longer.

Brakes and Wheels
This motorcycle has two strong  double disc braking system a front Disc and a rear Disc brakes  has available for this is a very high quality type of braking system. And it has two Alloy 17 type wheels that also good for this bike.

At The End
So The Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Double Disc is a very stylish designed and high quality riches sports bike. And this sports bike comes with some extraordinary features and it will be impressed every bike lovers easily.