TVS Apache RTR 150 Red Motorcycle User Review by Aminul Islam

All of the people who is capable of riding bike, If You want to have a bike in every step of daily So, you need to take TVS Apache RTR 150 red user, because it’s saves time and money with your life, and the most importantly insure self-dependence of going anywhere without the help of others. When I have learned biking it was just desire and later it becomes Need. I do not love biking for a particular reason, I love biking because I just love it and also it’s my hobby. If someone asks me this question I will always be same answer to give those people. I learnt motorcycle riding in class 6 with the help of father and his motorcycle TVS metro. It’s was my first experience of my life.

Bike Selection History of My Life:

Last year, I have already experience that I can drive a motorcycle. So, I requested my father to buy me a bike for my daily use. After one week my father assured me to buy me a bike within two months and till then he told me to use his TVS metro. So, latterly I have two month’s time to choose a perfect bike for me That I use myself. Since then I searched at the showrooms, internet, blogs, many motorcycle sites and become confused between two motorcycles, and they are Yamaha FZS and TVS Apache RTR 150. Both are well featured and stylish. Then after long thinking I made my mind to have Apache RTR 150 because, That I am what it’s that so, it suits my personality, it is fuel efficient and most important it can deliver better speed at 150cc category. After, I made my mind I heard that a new version of Apache RTR 150 is coming named Matt Blue edition after one months, I became very happy because I was going to buy a bike within two months. So after one months at the beginning of the year Apache RTR 150 Red edition arrived.

First Ride Experience with My New Apache RTR 150 Red:

When I by the new motorcycle it was my first ride experience that I want to say. When I first ridden my bike I have a felling which can’t be compared with anything because I like flow in the air but I can say it was amazing. The power, energy, of the bike was surprised me a lot. I couldn’t stop my bike when did I crossed the speed of speed 70 KM/H, it is supper fast. Since then I am riding my bike with pleasure. The riding position of my bike is really good and it can provide great comfort with me. Apart from this my ride experience with my bike is astonishing for five months.

Fuel Economy and Top Speed from The Apache RTR 150:

When it crossed 2000 KM, for once in six months I have serviced my motorcycle. At the beginning I have got 45 KM/L mileage but after servicing it increased and becomes 58-50 KM/L. As a sports category motorcycle this type of bike mileage is awesome. At the speed this motorcycle need no introduction because all knows that TVS has a racing DNA. I am very happy with this type of speed but I usually ride my bike 55-65 KM/H speed. This is suite for me.

I love my bike why Please see below:

Dual Disc brakes with ABS at the front side
Fuel sufficient and can provide superb speed.
Sports chassis.
Great comfort during riding.
Tubeless types.
Powerful engine side.
Battery, Head Lamp, Tail Lamp are so good.

These things all of my bike are the best part which I really like it. I am really happy with all of their performance.

My Finishing Words:

I am really happy to say about my filling with you that is my bike with my personal view. At present everyone likes to go for Yamaha, Bajaj, and Suzuki brand bikes for buy. So, if you see around you, you will watch different bikes from these brands around you. I will not suggest but I will make a request try Apache RTR 150, it won’t disappoint you. I hope you will be very happy to buy it. Because, it’s really good and comfortable bike.