TVS Apache RTR 150 Vs Hero Hunk Compare Review

TVS Motorcycle
TVS Motor Company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India, with a revenue of over 13,000 Cr ($2 billion) in 2016-17. It is the flagship company of the Rs. 40,000 Cr ($6 billion, in 2014-15) TVS Group. The company has an annual sales of 3 million units and an annual capacity of over 4 million vehicles. TVS Motor Company is also the 2nd largest exporter in India with exports to over 60 Countries. TVS Motor Company Ltd (TVS Motor), member of the TVS Group, is the largest company of the group in terms of size and turnover, with more than 3 Cr (3 million) customers riding a TVS bike.

Hero Motorcycle
Hero Motorcycle is the World's single largest two–wheeler motorcycle company. Honda Motor Company of Japan and the Hero Group entered a joint venture to setup Hero Honda Motors Limited in 1984. The joint venture between India's Hero Group and Honda Motor Company, Japan has not only created the world's single largest two wheeler company but also one of the most successful joint ventures worldwide.

TVS Apache RTR Vs Hero Hunk
Hero Motorcycle now one of the most successful  motorcycle brand in Bangladeshi market. Hero motorcycle has been creating number of motorcycle version of hero Honda. Hero Xtreme is one of them, this motorcycle is very impressive and smart looking and Hero Xtreme motorcycle have some wonderful strong quality. On the other hand TVS Apache RTR is the one of the best motorcycle version of TVS motors , is being so successful buying motorcycle version in Bangladesh.

TVS Apache RTR motorcycle have 4 stroke, air cooled and single cylinder OHC.  In other side Hero hunk Motorcycles Engine type is air cooled , 4 Stroke , single cylinder. The TVS Apache RTR also comes with 147.6cc of engine, 120 km/h Top speed, 10.4 @ 8500 rpm max power, 12.5 nm @ 6000 rpm max torque. And in other hand Hero Hunk comes with 149.2cc engine, Top speed of this motorcycle 130 km/h, 10.6 kw (14.4ps) @ 8500 rpm max power, 12.80nm  @ 6500 rpm max torque, AMI- Advanced Micro processor Ignition system, and 1.2 L oil capacity. Another important part of engine is motorcycles startup system , both of these motorcycle has gotten Kick and Electric Startup system.

Mileage is very important part of motorcycle and both of these two motorcycle have good number of mileage. TVS Apache RTR is allowed to go for 54 km per litter and  The Hero Hunk motorcycle is allowed to go for 40 km per liter.. That will be help you very much to your wonderful motorcycle journey.

Who do not love to change his motorcycles gear ups and down! So most important part of motorcycle is Gear. Both of these motorcycle has gotten 5 number of gears . TVS Apache RTR have 2.917 1st  Gear, 1.857 2nd Gear, 1.333 3rd Gear, 1.05 4th Gear and 0.88 5th Gear  And the Hero Hunk Motorcycle has also 5 Gears.  So lot of powerful Gear have these two motorcycle.

Big Body Dimension of these two motorcycle. TVS Apache RTR motorcycles body dimension is Length 1990, Width 735, Height 1105. Kerb weight of this motorcycle is 137 KG and Fuel Tank capacity is 16 liter. Hero Hunk  comes with Length 2080, Width 765, Height 1095. Kerb weight of this motorcycle 146 KG and Fuel Tank capacity is 12.40 liter.

TVS Apache RTR have a strong Front Hand Operated 270mm petal disc brake and Rear Foot Operated 130mm dia brake. And the Tyre size of this motorcycle is Front 90/90 x 17 Tubeless and Rear 110/80 x 17 Tubeless Tyres. In the other side Hero Hunk Motorcycle comes with a Front Disc and a Rear Drum Brake. and the Tyre size of this bike is Front 80/100 x 18 – 47 p Tubeless  and Rear 100/90 x 18 – 50 p Tubeless.