TVS Apache RTR 150cc Motorcycle Technical Review

At Present India’s have a number one motorcycle invention company that we can call? Their market share has been increasing because of this reason to their new invention. There is lot of new model process and applied to their market. One bike but they introduce many models of bike with the same name. At first they brings TVS metro plus and after few times they introduced more models such as TVS metro 100 cc and 150 cc. They bring a model of Apache RTR 150 cc. Apache RTR 150 cc is a sports bike. Production of previous model Pulsar will be stopped very soon. Among all these Apache models we will converse about TVS metro motorcycle because only this model is available in our country market. TVS metro changed the cc limitation of invention series but with Apache RTR 150 they changed the outlooks and design not only the cc. There are lot of competitor are also waiting at the market. Now from bellow the lines let’s talk about this new Apache RTR 150.

The design of Apache RTR 150 cc is really good. We leave the technical sides there is nothing unlike between TVS Apache RTR 150 Double Disc.  At the beast society their leader is called “Alfa male”. Bearing that in mind this bike is designed little bit larger and perfect plastic work is done at this bike. Projector Headlight and bigger wind screen will remind you about Alfa male. This bikes design is much better than the other motorcycles at this moment. At least you will get variety So that you can choose of your mind. You will be relaxed when you grip the handle bar of this bike because it’s so many comfortable. At Present so many users complain about the gears, at this model this problem is been solved out. Riding position is very comfortable and higher and it perfect for tall riders. Because of higher seating position this motorcycle won’t be so comfortable for the shorter. Over all I can say Apache RTR 150 is made by easy for man that all people use it and its design like mini car.

This bike is not only good design but also have a powerful engine. Engine type of this bike is Air cooled, 4 stoke. Apache RTR 150 means, 150 cc Powerful engine. Top speed 135 km/h and mileage 5o km/h. First time you get this mileage but when you drive 1000 m, Then it can be growth you mileage. Oil Grade 20W50. So, over all I can say Apache RTR 150 bike is best for his engine and mileage.

It’s look like a very gorgeous bike because of his body. This body is not so big and toll. It’s midi yam so that all people can use it. It’s dimension 2085 x 730 x 1105 and also seat height 790, wheel bade 1300 and Ground Clearance 165. This bike is 137 Kerb Weight. It can de max load 130. So many parch have attached Apache RTR 150 bike. This why it’s only look like good.

Apache RTR 150 bike have a lot of electrical parch such as Battery 12v, 9Ap and maintenance free. Head lamp 12V 35/35W Halogen HS1, Clear lens with MFR and so more.

Good side:
There are many good sides of this motorcycle can be found among them most important are

  • Beautiful design with style.
  • Projector headlamp.
  • Visual appeal is very charming.
  • Engine is very powerful and smoother.
  • Good mileage and speed.

Final words That I want to say:
I want to said that after watching these features, Apache RTR 150 cc cannot be said an adventure motorcycle. Because of dual purpose types and off road suspension you can’t ride at any kind of roads like you will do at the adventures. Only good road grip cannot give the riders better support. But with the better engine, visual appeal style, design and overall all features when a rider will ride this bike his feelings will be very charming that for sure, and you will not get that type of feelings at other bikes. Overall it can be said that this bike is perfect for racing and tour. Because of the handle bar and seating position you can have better stability to ride for long time. I will be very happy if you want to chooses this bike or buy it because it’s really good for new generation not only new but all of. I really love this Apache RTR 150 bike.