Walton Xplore 140 Motorcycle Features Review

Walton Motors produced by Walton Group was established in 1977. Walton is the first motorcycle manufacturer of Bangladesh with different models of 80cc to 150cc motorcycle. The company exports products in different countries of the world.

There are some people in Bangladesh who prefer to use their country’s products. Walton Motorcycle is perfect for these people. A new design motorcycle that Walton has created for them, they will certainly be interested in buying the motorcycle. The Motorcycle is Walton Xplore 140, this motorcycle is really different from the other motorcycle of Walton Motors. This motorcycle came in the market with three different colors such as orange, green, and black both of these three colors are very pretty. Now choice is yours that which color motorcycle is your choice. The Walton Xplore 140 bike comes with a solid and smart looking design that will be really impressed any bike lovers.

Currently, motorcycles are allowed to 155 cc in Bangladesh. And so this motorcycle engine has been created according to the approved engine of Bangladesh. This motorcycle offers Single Cylinder and Air Cooling 140cc of powerful engines. This motorcycle has included some interesting features in its engine that is 10.3Kw @ 9046rpm maximum power and 11.99Nm @ 7535rpm maximum torque of this motorcycle.

Speed and Mileage
The Walton Xplore 140 motorcycle has included some interesting features in this bike that is 120 kilometer per hour top speed. And this motorcycles engine also offers for you 40 kilometers per liter of mileage by which you can go 40 kilometers per 1 liter of fuel.

Fuel Tank
The fuel tank of this motorcycle is look like medium size but it can hold up to 17 liters of fuels. By which you can easily go to 650+ kilometer on this fully loaded fuel tank.

Very important part of the motorcycles is Battery. Because the battery supplies some power to its electronic equipment. The Walton Xplore has gotten a 12 volt battery that will be help your motorcycles electrical appliance to generate some power.

Every biker wants to have his bikes a blazing headlights by which he can drive his bike in the dark without any difficulty. This motorcycle will gives you a wonderful and brightness 12 Volt and 35-35 Watts headlamp. That will help you to watch everything in the darkness.

This motorcycle has a long seat and it is originally designed for sitting three people. And this seat is very comfortable to seating.

This Walton Xplore motorcycle has gotten well suspension system. This motorcycle has a front Telescopic suspension and Rear Twin shocks suspension system. That makes this motorcycle stronger.

Its time to talk about some quality control braking system. This Walton motorcycle comes with a strong front Disc brake and a Rear Drum brake. I am sure this two strong quality brakes will protect you and your motorcycle.

Tires and Wheels
Now I want to talk about another protector of motorcycle that two are motorcycles Tires and Wheels. This motorcycle has a front 3.00-18 Tire and rear 110/90-17 inch Tire. This motorcycle also comes with a front Alloy 18′ and rear Alloy 17′ Wheels.

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