Yamaha Fazer Motorcycle Features Review

Yamaha Motorcycle is World one of the most stylish and also in Bangladesh is one of the most expensive and popular motorcycle. And the Yamaha Motor Company Limited is a motorcycle manufacturer of Japan. The motorcycle division of Yamaha was founded in 1955, and was headed by Genichi Kawakami. Yamaha's initial product was a 125cc two-cycle, single cylinder motorcycle, the YA-1, which was a copy of the German DKW RT125. The YA-1 was a competitive success at racing from the beginning, winning not only the 125cc class in the Mt. Fuji Ascent, but also sweeping the podium with first, second and third place in the All Japan Auto bike Endurance Road Race that same year. And now this motorcycle is top of the list of Bangladeshi motorcycle market.

This is a very stylish, smart and fashionable designed motorcycle. And this motorcycle has designed a very big body that’s looking awesome. This is a sports category bike and this sports bike has made wonderfully especially it has been made for young generation who loves and searching for a fashionable bikes. In the front side of this motorcycle is really big and this front side it has a very stylish looking head especially it has two headlight that’s looking so good and that two headlamp looks like two eyes.

It’s very big and high type fuel tank will attract you dearly because that’s looking very good and it has designed very smartly. It also has made a special seat and that can take two people generally and this seat also very comfortable for the biker and who behind him. The one of the interesting part of this motorcycle s its silencer because it’s looking so small sized but it good to see and it has designed differently.  Overall it’s a high quality designed motorcycle that will impressed every people easily.

A very high quality riches engine has included by the Yamaha Fazer Motorcycle. it has a Air cooled, 4 stroke, SOHC and 2 valve type of engine that’s truly very high quality riches engine. Not only that this motorcycle will gives you a very expensive and different type 153.0 cm3 engine and that’s why when you ride this motorcycle then you feel like a bird and this speed will gives you a sporty minded feelings. its 14 ps @ 7500 rpm maximum power and 14nm @ 6000 rpm maximum torque are also very good for this engine.

Speed and Mileage
Speed and mileage quality is also good in this Yamaha Fazer motorcycle. this motorcycle can go 135 kilometers per hour of speed and. And its allowed to go for 35 kilometers per liter of mileage.

Fuel Tank
A very good designed fuel tank this is and this fuel tank can take up to 12 liters of fuel by which you can go around 400+ kilometers in this fully loaded tank.

It has picked up Return type 5 speed gears that’s truly amazing and really good for the biker.

This is a very stylish looking and also very powerful headlamp. And it is a 12 volt and 35/35 watts type headlamp that’s truly very helpful for every biker.

Two very strong quality riches suspension system has available for this motorcycle. it has a front Telescopic and rear swing arm and monosock type suspension that will help this bike to stay longer.

Brakes and Wheels
This motorcycle has two strong braking system a front Disc and a rear Drum brakes is available for this motorcycle and the biker will feeling comfortable with this type of braking system. And it has two Alloy type wheels that also good for this bike.

At The End
At last you should understand that this is a very high quality riches stylish and fashionable motorcycle.its design, engine, speed and mileage are truly amazing that will gives you a very high performance and you will enjoy to ride this wonderful motorcycle.