Yamaha FZ-16 Motorcycle User Review by Masud Rana

Hi, this is Masud Rana. I am a student at Rajshahi College. I am 3rd Year Student at Rajshahi College in Economics Department. I am a bike lover and I love to ride bike. Last year when I was at the Department First, my older brother said he would buy me a motorcycle. My elder brother is a businessman and 4 members of our family, mother, father, big brother and I. My elder brother told me to buy a branded bike. Then I consulted some of my friends, they advised me to buy Yamaha Brand's new version of the Yamaha FZ-16 motorcycle. And I agreed to buy this motorcycle and told my brother. Now I want to share with you some experience about this Yamaha FZ-16.

Yamaha is one of the most popular motorcycle Brand in Bangladesh. Especially the young boys of Bangladesh they are love this branded bike very much. And when I bought this Yamaha FZ-16 motorcycle then I was very excited about it. Because it has wonderful smart and stylish design. That design of this motorcycle was very impressed me at the first look specially it’s big tank has made very smartly. My motorcycle looks completely black and attractive that’s why I liked this motorcycle.

My motorcycle is more powerful than any others motorcycle of Yamaha because this motorcycle gave me some outstanding strong and powerful engine. Its gave me 153cc of engine that makes me racing minded. And this motorcycle also included some good quality engine that is 14PS / 7500 rpm maximum power and 14 N.m / 6000 rpm maximum torque. These are also useful for this bike.

Sometimes I love to go for long drive with my friends and that time my bikes 125 kilometer per hour top speed and 35 kilometers per liter Mileage are very help me. Because I freely speed up my bikes many time but it can go highest 125 kilometer speed although I do not drive too much speed but this is good for any racing minded people. And I really grateful to my bikes mileage because when I go to the long drive, it can take me 35 kilometers per liter, and for that my joyful journey it makes more enjoyable.

Yamaha FZ- 16 gave me a comfortable seat that can take two people for sitting on it. And Normally I feel comfortable running motorcycles with two people. And my motorcycles weight is good 135 KG.

Now I want to the stronger part of this motorcycle who protect me every time from any kind of accident and problems. That is its brakes, this motorcycle gave me two strong quality riches brake a front Disc and a rear Drum brake. That two are really useful for me and this motorcycle. Sometimes I take a ride home by night, and its handsome and powerful headlights help me to watch everything on the road and I can easily return home without any problem.

So on my opinion this is one of the best bike that I ever seen. And it gave me some outstanding benefits that makes me a perfect biker and I really enjoy to ride this motorcycle comfortably at any street. Now, whoever comes to me for advice on buying a motorcycle, I suggest buying this great motorcycle.