Yamaha YZF R-15 Motorcycle Features Review

Yamaha is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh.  Yamaha is a motorcycle manufacturer Company of Japan. Yamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955.Yamaha's initial product was a 125cc two-cycle, single cylinder motorcycle, the YA-1, which was a copy of the German DKW RT125. The YA-1 was a competitive success at racing from the beginning, winning not only the 125cc class in the Mt. Fuji Ascent, but also sweeping the podium with first, second and third place in the All Japan Auto Bike Endurance Road Race that same year.

Every motor biker has a dream to buy a special motorcycle for himself. Especially Young generation of Bangladesh, almost everyone is interested to buying a fashionable, smart and well-designed motorcycle. Yamaha is one of the most stylish and successful motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. This Yamaha has recently released a new model of a bike that is being Yamaha YZF R-15. And after seeing this motorcycle you will feel that this is the motorcycle that's you are looking for to buy. The body and head of this motorcycle are designed to look like a bird. Especially the headlights of this motorcycle has made like a eyes of a bird. Any person after seeing it they will be fascinated by it. I think this bike is one of the best designed bikes you have ever seen.

This is a sports bike that’s why it has a very strong engine quality and that strong quality really needed for this big Yamaha YZF R-15 sports motorcycle. It has a really useful Single cylinder, Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke and a SOHC included engine. Engine's maximum capacity of 155 cc in Bangladesh, that's why this motorcycle has come with a 149 .8cc powerful engine that is perfect in the context of Bangladesh. The Yamaha YZF R-15 also has gotten maximum power of the engine 15 N.m / 7,500rpm and maximum torque of this powerful engine 155 KM/H.

Speed and Mileage
You really will be happy to know that this motorcycle has a big Top speed quality that makes this bikes more powerful. It can go up to 155 kilometers per hour maximum speed. This is not a big mileage's motorcycle; this motorcycle is allowed to go for 30 kilometers per liter.

This Yamaha YZF R-15 has gotten a high quality Gear box. This motorcycle offers a Return type 6-speed of Gears. I think this is a one of the best and uncommon Gearbox that you have never seen before.

Fuel Tank
This Yamaha YZF R-15 has made a stylish designed fuel tank and it also very important part of the motorcycle. It’s a very similar kind of fuel tank that can accept up to 12 liters of fuel by which you can go around 360 kilometers on this fully loaded fuel tank.

A good voltage full battery is required to supply power to electrical appliances of a big size motorcycle. This motorcycle comes with a powerful 12-volt battery that will be really useful for this motorcycle.

it's a completely different designed headlight and it also very brightness too. This wonderful motorcycle has two powerful 12 Volt 35/35 Watts headlamp it will be very helpful for you in the darkness.

This Yamaha YZF R-15 motorcycle has gotten 2 strong suspension system that is a front Telescopic and a rear Swing arm, Monosock suspension system.

It is very important to have a strong brake as a sports bike. And so this Yamaha YZF R-15 comes with two very strong double Disc brakes. Very few motorcycles have double disc brakes and it is one of them.

Tires and Wheels
It is a color tiered tire with a gold-colored ring that looks very beautiful. This tires is not only colorful but also very strong the tire length of this motorcycle is front 80/90-17 and rear 100/80-17 inch tire. In the other hand this sports bike has gotten two Alloy type Wheels that is very useful for this motorcycle.

At The End
So at last we knew about Yamaha YZF R15 this motorcycle that comes with some extraordinary features that will be impressed every people who loves to ride. And if you want to buy a stylish smart and well features included motorcycle than I will suggest you to buy this bikes undoubtedly.