Znen T6 V3 150 Motorcycle Features Review

ZNEN is the world’s largest scooter producer and it has the largest scooter plant all over the world. The Zhoongneng Industry Group Company produces scooters under the brand name ZNEN. The company was established in 1987 and started the two-wheeler production in 1988. The company is located in Taizhou city, China. Now they are producing different types of scooters, other motorcycles, ATVs and even cars. The aim of the company is to become world famous motorcycle brand and people feel proud owning one ZNEN Motorcycle. The annual motorcycle production of this company is 19 million units. These motorcycles are sold nearly 138 countries and regions around the world.

It’s a very standard designed scooter that’s looking very good. Especially this scooters are suitable for women’s. the Znen T6 V3 150 scooter is not a big body sized motorcycle but still two people are able to climb up comfortably on it. It has made a very simple design and this scooters have available some beautiful colors that’s are very attractive. Especially women’s will rally likes the color combination of this scooters. The front panel of this scooter looks very pretty specially its headlights are really good to watch. Overall it’s a very standard designed scooter and peoples will really like this scooter.

Although its looking very simple and standard type scooter but this standard scooter comes with some extraordinary engine quality which made the motorcycle more glorious. This scooter built up a 149.6cc strong engine with a 4 stroke, air cooled and single cylinder type engine. And it also included a very high quality 16 Bhp @9000 rpm maximum power and 13.5 nm @ 9000 rpm maximum torque. That two are so important for the motorcycle and this two are gives the most powerful feelings.

Speed and Mileage
You must happy to know about its speed this small sized scooter has gotten a great speed, it can go about 130 kilometers per hour of speed that is really big number of speed in scooter. And it also has a medium type of mileage this scooter is allowed to go for 45 kilometers per liter.

Fuel Tank
It’s a very small capacity of fuel tank, this Znen T6 V3 150 motorcycle can take up to 8 liters of fuel. But still its very useful for this scooter.

For generating some power this scooter provides a 12-volt strong battery that is very effective for supplying some power.

When you ride this scooter at night specially in the dark night then its 35/35 watts powerful and brightness headlamp will help you to watch everything in the darkness and protect you from any occurrence.

The Znen T6 V3 150 motorcycle has picked up two strong suspension system a front Telescopic and a rear twin shocks suspension are available in this scooter.

Most important part of this scooter is its braking system. It comes with a front Disc and a rear Drum types braking system that’s truly very strong to control this scooter.

At The End
At last you should understand that this Znen T6 V3 150 scooter is a very good quality control riches motorcycle and it comes with some wonderful features that’s very effective for this motorcycle. and you can buy this scooter undoubtedly.