Znen Vento 150 Motorcycle Features Review

ZNEN is the world’s largest scooter producer and it has the largest scooter plant all over the world. The Zhoongneng Industry Group Company produces scooters under the brand name ZNEN. The company was established in 1987 and started the two-wheeler production in 1988. The company is located in Taizhou city, China. Now they are producing different types of scooters, other motorcycles, ATVs and even cars. The aim of the company is to become world famous motorcycle brand and people feel proud owning one ZNEN Motorcycle. The annual motorcycle production of this company is 19 million units. These motorcycles are sold nearly 138 countries and regions around the world.

Most of the cruisers motorcycles are looking very different from the others ordinary motorcycles. The Znen group has made some cruisers motorcycle that’s looking very different smart and stylish. Now I want to introduce a very special cruiser of Znen that is Znen Vento 150 its really wonderfully designed by Znen company. Its fully black and slim sized motorcycle and very smart looking. Some people loves cruiser and I think they should like the design of this Znen Vento 150 cruisers. One of the most attractive part of this cruisers twin silencer when you see this then you should impress about it. Overall it’s a very well designed cruiser and most of the people who loves cruisers they will be likes this design of this Znen Vento 150.

This motorcycle has included some strong quality riches engine that’s so effective for this cruiser. It’s powerful 149.1cc engine gives you a good feelings and its also included a 4 stroke air cooled single cylinder type of engine. Not only that this motorcycle comes with more useful material in engine that’s are 11.50 Kw @ 9000 rpm maximum power and 11.0nm @ 7500 rpm maximum torque that’s are really help this engine keep stay longer. Ignition type of this motorcycle is CDI ignition and for quickly start this cruiser has picked two startup system a Electric and a Kick starter.

Speed and Mileage
Almost every cruiser has to good speed and mileage and this cruiser also has taken a great speed and mileage. It offers a 110 kilometers per hour of highest speed by which you can speeded up this motorcycle as your wish but highest 110 kmph speed. And this cruiser has gotten a high quality mileage, the Znen Vento is allowed to go for 60 kilometers per liter. I think this is very high quality mileage.

Fuel Tank
Although it’s not a big sized fuel tank but still it can take up to 13 liters of fuel, by which you can easily go around 750+ kilometers in this fully loaded tank.

For supplying some power to this cruisers electrical equipment like headlight, startup system and others aliments battery is so important. That’s why this motorcycle has gotten a 12 volt and 5 Ah type battery it will be help your cruisers to generated some power.

Headlight is one of the most effective part of every motorcycle. Because it helps us to ride motorcycle at the dark night. And for your safety at night this cruiser gives a 35/35 watts wonderful headlamp that will be help you to ride this motorcycle at night.

A good quality riches suspension is so important for every motorcycle because its protect the motorbike and it help motorcycle to stay long lasting. This Znen Vento 150 also picked two high quality suspension system that’s are a front Telescopic USD and a rear Monosock coil suspension.

The Znen Vento 150 motorcycle comes with two strong brakes. A front Disc and a rear Drum brakes are included by this cruiser.

At The End
So after knowing about this motorcycle I think you should understand that this is a very good quality riches cruiser and every cruiser lover will like it undoubtedly.