Safety Tips for Motorcycle Journey in EID Vacation

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Journey in EID Vacation
As the month of Ramadan approaches its end, a great number of the city dwellers are planning to visit to their village houses to enjoy Eid-ul-Fitr with their family and beloved ones.

Some city dweller feels comfortable to go to their sweet home by motorcycle.
Motorcycles are fun and energy effective. That is not information to anyone who has ridden one. However, neither is the truth that they are also much more risky than a car. Every year, newspapers review many street accidents before and after Eid vacation. Everyone moment to be with themselves members during the Eid interval and can be diverted when on the street. However, you as a motorcyclist have to be accountable as people’s lifestyles rely on your activities. Although you cannot control, the activities of other motorists on the street, becoming a more secure and more protecting motorcycle biker will help you to stay away from the hazards triggered by other people’s bad driving. Aplusbike has collected some Safety tips for Motorcycle journey in EID vacation, so you can appreciate your Eid journey to the maximum.

Check Your Motorcycle Before You Start Your Journey
Check your motorcycle before starting your trip. Make sure your braking systems, engine oil, tire pressure, washers, engine coolant, wipers and fuel gauge. Do not forget to get rid of or protected any loose objects, set the driver’s chair in the preferred position and comfortable position your mirrors.

Do Not Drive When Sleep or Sick
Sleepy or sick and tired motorists are eight times more likely to accident. Do not drive the motorcycle if you have actual problems like a fever or generally frustration. If you are very exhausted, but still have to push, take a simple nap before driving. Additionally, if your trip created straight seven hours drive, take a 15-minute break for every two hours of biking.

Avoid Distractions
Distractions while driving can be limitless. Consuming, checking your cell phone, smoking cigarettes or simply choosing songs while driving are just some activities that cause us to pay less attention to the way. Consuming keeps you from using both hands and decreases your capability to focus. Smoking limits your motions and your capability to function the vehicle. In addition, cigarettes are a source of fireside, so it is not a wise idea to smoking while generating as you may unintentionally start a flame in the motorcycle. Using a cell while driving is risky and text messaging makes it worse as you are regularly taking your eyes off the way. Cell phones are most significant causes of loss of life or serious injury on the streets, globally.

Keep A Safe Range from The Other Vehicles at The Front Side of You
Moving a few inches wide nearer to the vehicles at the front side of you will not get you home any faster. So for protection, stay at least one car duration behind the vehicle at the front side of you so you can prevent reaching it if you need to braking mechanism instantly, without resulting in any harm. You know you are at a ‘safe’ range from the vehicles at the front side of you when you are able to see the back wheels of the motorcycle. Sustain a further range so you can see the other bike’s side mirrors if you are journeying at a faster.

If the motorcycle behind you is too near to you, do not brake suddenly or drive quicker. Indication to him to go around or surpass you (if it is permitted on the street) the further away you are from him, the better.

Prevent Night Driving
Some people like to travel in the night to avoid traffic, but the potential health risks over-shadow the benefits. Most injuries happen in the evening or in the beginning. No matter how much you sleep during the daytime to get ready for the nighttime drive, you will feel progressively exhausted and your visual view will reduce, regardless of the elements. You may also get to sleep from dullness as all of your travelers will be sleeping. In addition, you will have more chance of facing other sleepy motorists in the night, so adhere to daytime driving.