Things to know when buying a Helmet

Things to know when buying a Helmet
Using a helmet can keep a lot of us safe in an accident. In addition, if the glass of the helmet is taken off, the dust and sand cannot enter the eyes and nose directly. But buy a good quality helmet and enjoy the pleasure of a motorcycle while keeping yourself safe. So it is important to keep in mind a few things when buying a helmet.

It is important to ventilate the helmet while riding the bike. This is why the holes in the helmet allow air to circulate over the head. Which keeps the biker's head cool and gives him a feeling of comfort while riding the bike. The more holes there are in the helmet, the lighter the helmet will be.

Some riders wear sun protection masks to protect themselves from the sun while riding a bike. This is definitely a very common issue for mountain bikers. A visor, however, weighs very little and reduces front air pressure.

Facial Safety
Mountain riders ’helmets have a chin bar wrapped around them, which provides face protection to mountain and park riders.

The strap system of the helmet is very comfortable. If it is, the helmet is easy to attach and open.

Some helmets have holes in the back for long hair. These holes are called hairports.

Helmet weight and longevity
The lighter the weight of the helmet, the better the helmet. However, in this case you have to see if the helmet is strong.

The quality of the Glass
The quality of the glass must be good. It is better if there is scratch resistance. Then the stain will not fall easily.

Helmet and Glass colors
You can buy helmets of white for summer and black for winter. You can choose light black or water colored glass when choosing glass. But one thing to keep in mind is to avoid too much black glass or mercury glass. Because you can't ride a bike at night with mercury glasses.

Determining the exact size of the Helmet
When choosing a helmet, it is important to be comfortable. Helmets are made in small, medium and large or enlarged sizes. To find the size you need, measure the largest part of your head with a cape. Or measure the length with a straight two-edged scale.

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