Which bike is best for you according to needs, personality and financial capability?

Which bike is best for you according to needs, personality and financial capability?
Whenever we think of buying a motorcycle, we have to face many problems to make a decision. Various thoughts come to mind. Like, which bike is good for me, which bike will be profitable to buy, which bike will be less maintenance etc. If we keep a few things in mind while buying a bike, we don't have to think so much anymore.

An important thing in buying a bike is what you will use the bike for? If you don't match your needs with the bike, you will definitely buy the wrong bike. If you do a lot of cycling or ride sharing, then you should buy a comfortable and fuel-efficient bike. The engine of such bikes is usually between 80 and 125 cc. They are relatively easy to maintain. Bikes will reduce the cost of daily commuting quite a bit.

Stylish bike
If you want to buy a bike with fashion and style in mind, you should buy half a fashion bike. This bike is not very fuel efficient. But bikes are quite fashionable. Such bikes can be found in the market of the country. Motorbikes with engines up to 160 cc are currently allowed in Bangladesh. So almost all special bikes in Bangladesh have 150 to 160 cc engines. These trendy bikes will give you a powerful engine, speed control and exhilaration. And the price of such bikes is usually between 2 lakh to 4 lakh taka.

For speed
Sports bikes are the first choice of speed lovers. However, these bikes will not be seen much on the roads of Bangladesh. Although true sports bikes are not available due to CC limitations, there are quite a few bikes in the market with similar looks and powerful engines within the CC range. These bikes are as good looking as they are powerful engines. With smooth gear changes and trendy sporting style, these bikes will give you the feel of a racer. These bikes have a heavy frame and comfortable seats. Oil consumption and price should be kept in mind while buying this bike. Because these bikes are very expensive, oil consumption is also high. The price of these sports bikes in the domestic market ranges from Tk 3 lakh to Tk 5 or 8 lakh.

Hassle free movement
If you want hassle-free riding, then the scooty is for you. Once started, these vehicles run smoothly and hassle-free. Almost all bike manufacturers in Bangladesh have scooters or scooties. Many people think that scooty means women's vehicle. Men ride less scooters in Bangladesh but in many countries men ride more scooters than women. There are various scooters or scooties with attractive designs for men and women. They have the advantage that the bike is relatively easy to ride, the engines are quite fuel efficient and almost every scooter has a small storage system to keep some essentials. Depending on the brand, the scooter usually costs between BDT 1 to 3.5 lakh in the market.

Financial capability
Income Investment Expenditure. Media proverb. The big advantage of cheap stuff is the low cost, the rest is the problem. And the only problem with expensive things is the price. Quality products are never available at low prices. But it is also important to keep in mind how expensive things to buy? How much better to buy? The more you spend, the better you get. So pull your power strings, trajectory. Discover your inner biker by buying a bike. It will be convenient to select.

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