Yamaha is bringing the nineties Bike in a new model

Yamaha is bringing the nineties Bike in a new model
Popular bike company Yamaha is launching a new version of an old bike. A new model of Yamaha's popular RX 100 bike is coming to the market very soon. The bike became popular in no time for its excellent performance and powerful pickup. However, the company stopped manufacturing bikes in 1996.

According to the company, the Yamaha RX 100 bike was a special model for India at the time. The bike's styling, lightweight, power and the sound it makes have won over many hearts. They indicated that the new generation engine of the popular bike could be at least 200cc.

After 27 years that bike is coming back in a new form. This bike still has many customers in India. That is why the company is bringing this bike back to the Indian market. However, it is not yet known when this bike will be launched.

Yamaha Motor Corp and Escorts jointly launched the RD350 in 1983. It was the India-spec RD350B, which was sold in the international market. Powered by a small engine, the AX100 bike became popular among youngsters.
Following the success of the AX100, the company launched the RX 100 in the latter half of 1983. The RX 100 became an instant hit. Because it was more powerful and cost effective than the RX 100. Yamaha did not upgrade this bike much during its lifetime. For more than a decade this bike topped the list of most popular bikes in the market.

AX100's size and classic design make it more attractive than any bike. As a result this bike was most popular among the youngsters. That bike is coming back. It remains to be seen how popular this 90s bike will be among the youngsters of this generation.

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